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Dear Islander

We are delighted that we are able to get back into print this month, and at the response we have had to the news from Advertisers and readers alike. We would also like to say a huge thank you to our advertisers who stuck with us through the past three months in spite of the difficulties all businesses have faced. It really is appreciated, as without you we wouldn’t have a business.
It is also a delight to write this editorial with good news to report. As from now, Charters can operate, private use of boats is permitted and the “new normal” is upon us. We can now navigate between different regions of Spain, and most other European countries, albeit with certain restrictions, so best to check before departure.
The other bit of good news comes from the repair and refit side of the industry, where in normal years things would be slowing down for summer, but this year the yards are working at 100% capacity, as owners are taking the opportunity to bring forward works that were originally planned for 2021. As their yachts were already out of the water or commission, and the 2020 season had been written off by many, it has made sense for them to commission the extra work this year. This is fantastic news for our many local contractors who have guaranteed work for the rest of the year.
The Charter side of the industry, understandably has had a disastrous start to the year, but can now at least reclaim a part of the season which until a few weeks ago looked totally lost. Let’s hope people who can see the charter holiday as the perfect “ socially distancing” option book the holiday of a lifetime and help put some business into this sector, which of course includes all those provisioning businesses who rely heavily on the charter market.
Palma and Santa Catalina in particular, has taken on a whole new look, with the local authority allowing the many bars and restaurants to have extended, and in many cases new free terraces. This is creating a really exciting vibe, with a real buzz to the place in spite of there being no tourists here as yet. Let’s hope the authorities take note and realise how much of a part of Mallorcan life these establishments create and allow them to continue whist this sector of the economy recovers as much as possible. Fingers crossed.
Fair Winds.