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Dear Islander

I guess we have to start this month’s editorial with Coronavirus news. Here on Mallorca there are currently 17 cases confirmed as we go to press. All gatherings of more than 1000 people have been banned on the island, The Palma Superyacht Show and Boat Shows have been postponed until June 4th-7th, Real Mallorca’s La Liga football match against the mighty Barcelona has to be played behind closed doors, and Mercadona have run out of toilet rolls!

The panic buying scenes in local supermarkets are quite remarkable, and in my opinion quite unnecessary. I feel desperately sorry for Italy who seem to be bearing the brunt of this problem, but we are really unaffected in comparison, with only one death, and that was due to underlying conditions apparently, as are most fatalities across the globe. Let’s hope that the predicted 26 degrees temperatures we should soon be enjoying will kill it off once and for all.

I think the postponement of the Superyacht Show and Boatshow is the most sensible outcome and am very happy they didn’t cancel it, that would have sent out the wrong signals. With luck the worst should be over, and we can all return to normality (with lots of spare loo rolls in our cupboards!!)

Industry wise, we have been witnessing locally some lively discussions on social media about the new Port Authority plans, and the anticipated move of Astilleros de Mallorca to the commercial dock currently used by the ferries. This will allow the installation of a Synchrolift enabling the largest yachts around to be hauled out. It is this facility which Palma desperately needs in order to remain competitive against the likes of Barcelona, Genoa and La Ciotat. This move will allow STP to also expand their space both on and off the water, and between them offer top class facilities for the 100mtr plus yachts, which Palma currently lacks.

We will feature a full report in next month’s issue which will be 100% factual, not rumour and gossip which has been the case recently on social media.

On a personal note, I would like to sincerely thank everyone for the very kind wishes I have received after my recent back surgery. All is going well so far and hopeful of a full recovery in the near future!

Fair Winds…