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Dear Islander

As I write this piece in mid January, it seems like that half the world is suffering either from uncontrolled bush fires or enormous floods, further evidence that our climate is changing. Our hearts go out to all those who are suffering right now , including an estimates 500,000 animals killed in the bush fires. Maybe Mr Trump should take further note rather than escalating the unease in the Middle east.

I’m very happy to say that our climate in Palma has been very kind to us over the past couple of months, and long may it continue ! It’s been great to see so many having their first swim of the year in the recent mild spell, even though they may have been a brief dip !

Last month saw the Dusseldorf Boat Show take place; the largest indoor boat show in the world. We will have a full report in next month’s issue.

Last month’s editorial gave mention about a new prosed tax by the APB on businesses working in Balearic Ports. This tax was to have been introduced by January 1 st this year, but after a huge voice of complaint and an inability to organise it, this has now been postponed until July 1st. Our legal contributor, Carlos Espinosa, explains more fully in his column later in this issue.

Lots of racing has been going on during the winter months in Palma including the Dragon Fleet which is growing in numbers each winter. They recently held their Dragon Grand Prix and European Cup in the Bay of Palma, which was a huge success.

The Viper640 fleet have now started their winter series, and if last year is anything to go by, this will be a fabulous series to get involved with. One Sails Palma are the organisers in conjunction with RCNP, and if any of you fancy trying your hand at this super exciting fleet, contact Aitor Torres at One Sails 0n 605 39 17 09

Finally, this time of the year traditionally sees an influx of new faces to Palma in search of a career in Yachting, which can be daunting to a young 18 /19 year old, so let’s all try and give them a helping hand in making Palma their new home and yachting their new career.

Fair Winds !

Simon Relph – Editor