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Coffee in Sineu

I am not sure who I fell in love with first – Jan Eric, Esperança or Sa Mola 13!

I first met Esperança in 2016, at that time, we were running about 25 events a year and she provided incredible coffee from the back of her pimped up, shiny Renault 4.  The coffee was amazing, as were her home made cakes.  Our guests loved the reward of seeing her at the top of a climb or at lunch on our vineyard www.sesrotes.com.  In 2017, I met Jan Eric and instantly fell in love!!!  His passion for coffee & cycling were infectious and I could see he understood the true spirit of Mallorca – a world away from Port Pollensa & Playa de Palma…..

Esperança was born in Binissalem and went to school in both Binissalem & Inca.  After college she headed to the world of employment and was a Management Accountant for 10 years.  The coffee car idea came about from her love of coffee & making people happy, plus Jan Eric’s passion for cycling.  The coffee car is a genius idea and if you have an event of any kind, at home or in an old finca, you must contact Esperança.  She has sparklingly refurbished and converted a 1985 Renault 4 into a mobile coffee bar.  That sounds easy enough, but very few execute it with such care and passion.  After a few years with the success of the coffee car, they decided to look for a garage for the car and then they stumbled upon Sa Mola.

Jan Eric’s Father was a cyclist for the German National Team and cycling has been in his blood from day one.  Jan Eric’s first race was in 1986 at the age of 6 years old and things progressed from there.  He studied sport science at the German School of Sports in Colonge.  After a period of time as a professional road cyclist, he moved to the track, competed in “6 Day Races” against the likes of Bruno Risi, Erik Zabel, Rolf Aldag, Marc Cavendish etc.  On the track, his best disciplines were in the motor-paced races.  This is where the cyclist (or “Stayer” in this case) follow as close as possible behind the motorbike, so they can to benefit from the slipstream of their pacer.  In the Stayer race, they can get up to a max speed 100kph, it’s a totally mental event!  He was the German national champion and competed for Germany, in the European Championships 5 times – with 4th being his best return.

Jan Eric moved to Mallorca in 2010 and chose Sineu.  Being in the centre of the island, it optimised his cycling options – nothing was out of reach on a road bike.  His first business here was the Ma 13 house.

Ma 13 House 

The idea was hatched the first time he came to Mallorca for a training camp.  Staying in cheap hotels rarely provided the right atmosphere, sustenance or sleep to aide recovery after an arduous day on the bike.  Riders would be constantly moaning about the simple creature comforts such as bedsheets, warm showers & good nutrition.

Ma 13 House is somewhere that is a Home from Home for Cyclists. You will find everything you need for the perfect trainings camp and a little bit more.  The large communal style kitchen allows you to store & cook whatever you like and chat with other riders.  Its success is born out by the number of famous Tour de France riders are able to stay there in complete anonymity.

Sa Mola 13

The building itself, was an old corn mill (Mola), but was made famous in the 1990’s as a Music Pub called Sa Mola.  Esperanca & Jan Eric opened as a cafe in April 2019.

Their passion for coffee is shown in every cup that is served – Their coffee is third wave coffee, also known as Speciality Coffee, from a toaster in Sevilla.  The Rocket Re Doppia machine is unique to Sa Mola 13 and is the only golden machine in existence.  Rocket made it just for us them to match the interior at Sa Mola 13.

Their passion for coffee is matched by Esperança’s passion for home made cakes.  When I popped in yesterday, I had the difficult choice between a chocolate orange sponge, a fig tart, an apple crumble cake or a some banana bread.  They use natural & local products where possible and also serve a range of Pa amb oli.  Their feta & avocado is a favourite with the cyclists, as is the fruit & granola bowl.  I am also a bit of a fan of their Kombucha range from BRUT – if you aren’t aware of BRUT, it is a Modern European Restaurant in Llubi that is well worth a visit.

It is important to highlight that whilst there is a clear passion for cycling at Sa Mola 13, it is not a Cycling Cafe per se.  There are a few subtle cycling references, but it is a world away from the likes of Sa Ruta Verda in Caimari.  The authentic design enhances the building and the hard finishes are cleverly soften by some wonderful fixed seating & old sofas.  But it’s the shiny Renault 4 coffee car that steals the show.  She is a beauty! She sits proudly near the entrance, boot open, showing off her crown jewels.  Sa Mola 13 is a place for everyone to enjoy & relax.  It is a total and utter jewel in the middle of a small traditional Mallorcan village known for its market.

Sineu Market 

Wednesday from 08:00 – 13:00. The Sineu market is one of the biggest and most popular markets in Mallorca.  The market is very traditional and offers everything one can image with products ranging from fruit and vegetables, leather goods, local made handicraft, plants and flowers, clothes to live animals.  It is the trading of live animals that the market is known for and can be dated back to as early as 1306.  To experience the animal trading it is recommended to come early, as the market is very popular both among locals and tourists and gets very busy. This activity takes place around the main square by the church and the Placa del Fossar.


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