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Clear communications through the Holy Book

Two months ago while the season in the Med was coming to a definite end, we signed a new client. The owner of a Lagoon 620 was referred to Invisible Crew by his captain. I had interviewed the captain 10 months earlier for another position. At the end of the interview process we agreed the position wasn’t right for him. Once he got himself in board the Lagoon620 he admitted to the owner that he wasn’t happy with the crew they were getting from the management company they were working with. He told the owner he would have more faith in Invisible Crew assisting them with this as he remembered being impressed with the interview process he had undergone with us.

Funny how it goes. Half a year ago I wanted to get him a job and now he got me a job.

After several calls and emails the owner was finally convinced to sign up with us. The calls were great, they gave us both the opportunity to understand each other’s philosophy about how a yacht should be run and managed. So for me it was also a reassurance that we could be a good match. Our services are bespoke and personalised so “the match” is important.

One of the things the owner had already in place was what he refers to as “The Holy Book”. This is basically a code of practice or manual explaining what he expects from the crew.

This is a great sign of an owner who makes an effort to clearly communicate their expectations. There is nobody harder to please than the easy-going-type who claims to be ok with whatever. As good crew aim to please, they don’t mind to cater to even the silliest requests as long as they are clearly communicated. As with everything that you demand from people, it is good to explain WHY you want it as well.

The Holy Book explains how the owner wants the guest to be welcomed on board, how the table should be set but it also contains technical instructions related to the yacht’s systems. During the interview process it has helped me to understand exactly what my client’s expectations were.

For the year 2020 we wish that everyone shares and receives clear communications. For the sake of your happiness I would advise you to minimise your communication channels before the mad tech world we live in takes over your brain!

We want to thank all our crews for the good work they have done this year.

And, of course, our clients who helped us make 2019 the most successful year for Invisible Crew so far!

Jens Ooms

+34 674 83 83 68