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Measure Twice Trim Once

Cyclops Marine is the name garnering attention in the sailing technology and innovation field. Devised by the minds at Cambridge University in the UK, their wireless load sensor technology, developed in partnership with INEOS TEAM UK, is creating waves across the sailing world as America’s Cup technology is made available …

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“Riva In The Movie”

“Riva In The Movie” an aquamarine Riva thread running through more than 60 years of films. “RIVA IN THE MOVIE” – AN AQUAMARINE RIVA THREAD RUNNING THROUGH MORE THAN 60 YEARS OF FILMS Ferretti Group celebrates the close ties between Riva and the silver screen with a book featuring words …

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A brave new world

Humanity has certainly seen the dawn of a new age as the year 2020 has been slowly settling in. Like many people who felt 2020 to be a symbolic year of clarity and transformation, I did not expect it to unfold the way that it did. Regardless of one’s personal …

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Tokyo 2020: Onward without a map

Richard Pound (CAN), the longest-serving member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), believes 2021 will be the only chance for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics to take place. The Games were moved to next year on July 23 to August 8 and August 24 to September 5, respectively, after …

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Holistic Wellness programmes for Superyachting

A Modern World Happiness, contentment and fulfilment seem to be increasingly difficult to attain in today’s demanding world of achieving high levels of success. Many leaders of industry, visionaries and entrepreneurs sacrifice their health and wellbeing to pursue great ambitions. In the process, they tend to define themselves through their …

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