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Galley Goddess

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  A young Korean couple are lying in bed when the guys starts farting incessantly. ….¨That’s disgusting!¨the girl complains. ¨It’s the dog¨ proclaims the guy. ¨Don’t blame him¨ she replies, ¨he was cooked perfectly¨. Boom Boom… that’s the end of the joke, not naughty old tyrant, Kim up to his ... Read More »

From Ship to Shore

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Every month I interview someone who has made the transition from working and living on a yacht to a land-based life. This month I spoke with Anna Sinclair, who has set up her own personal training business in London.   How long did you work in yachting? Can you tell ... Read More »

Galley Goddess Oct 15

oktoberfest - 13

Well, congratulations – you’ve survived the season – it’s over! You’ve slaved in the galley for days, months, eons and finally, yes, finally smiled that crazy maniac smile whilst waving off the last charter guests. Byeeeeee! YES! Now you are quietly marvelling to yourself that a) you’ve avoided that mental ... Read More »

Table Ready


For the perfect lunch or dinner table setting, be it casual or formal, make sure you have a wide variety of decorative elements available to you. We prefer placemats over tablecloths since tablecloths are more difficult to store, clean, and many times they need to be tailor-made. Placemats are much ... Read More »

A Gastronomic Journey

Marc Fosh Sept

  I have always loved Middle Eastern cookery and I find the spice mixes and flavour combinations incredibly intoxicating. When Claudia Roden first published “The Book of Middle Eastern Food” in 1972, the cuisines of Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Egypt and their neighbours were a mystery to most of us. Her ... Read More »

“Who is Simon Jones?”


Simon Jones, owner of The Meat & Fish Society “Bespoke Provisioning”, was born to be a chef. Starting in Bournemouth and Poole College of Further Ef Furnemouth and Poole Cducation, studying for three years .This was followed by 9 months as an apprentice in the Michelin starred Relais Chateau Hotel ... Read More »

Galley Goddess

Barbagiuan Recipe 2

Monaco dahlings!!! What’s all the hullabaloo about I hear you quip? Hasn’t it all got to do with some sort of noisy car race?   Oh, and aren’t there oodles of big boats floating around in the turquoise waters? Hordes of posh, beautiful people hanging around spending lots of money who ... Read More »