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Stew of the Month – Ella Peters

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This month’s Stew of the Month is our youngest yet! Ella is just 19 and is already enjoying her second season in yachting.   What did you do before yachting, and how did your yachting career first begin? I knew from an early age that I wanted to work in ... Read More »


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Gravlax, the younger sister to smoked salmon is well known to the Swedes.Well, of course it is, because they invented this unpretentious, but sexy little gem. History has it that back in the middle ages, a couple of blokes called Sven and Lars were so successful with their catch of ... Read More »

Stewardess’ Pick of the Month from RIALTO LIVING

Screenshot 2016-08-02 13.28.25

  Unless you’ve spent the last five years on a boat based on Easter Island, you’ve probably taken on the worldwide cocktail craze which kicked off about half a decade ago. This revival has resulted in tattooed bartenders sporting handlebar moustaches and black suspenders as well as intricate drinks that ... Read More »

Deckers : Monthly Team Member Interview

photo islander

Each month we are bringing you an interview with a member of our team, this month we are hearing from Karin Cornelia, Barcelona Sales Manager, based in MB92 Barcelona.     How old are you? 41   How long have you worked for Deckers? 1 year and 3 months   ... Read More »

Stewardess’ Pick of the Month from RIALTO LIVING

Screenshot 2016-07-18 18.55.02

-Our favourite lifestyle store in Palma- Every month we make our way to Rialto Living, Palma’s biggest and most exciting lifestyle store. We have a good sniff around this emporium of handpicked treasures in order to choose a product of the month. No mean feat as we’re talking about 1500 square ... Read More »

Something Different-Tamarind


Living in the Mediterranean and being obsessed with Mediterranean food is fine, but every now and again you need to taste something totally different and that’s why I keep returning to Indian food. With those wonderful spices and warm, fragrant aromas coming from the kitchen, Indian food can be so ... Read More »

Deckers Palma


Each Month we are bringing you an interview with a member of our team, this month we are hearing from Kate Greaves, Sales Director for Deckers, based in Antibes France.   How old are you? Really?? Can I lie and say 25!!.. ok 34   How long have you worked ... Read More »


Screenshot 2016-06-21 13.20.58

The tomato is the fruit of the sun, the undisputed queen of summer market stalls. Tomatoes originated in western South America, crossed the Atlantic to Spain with the conquistadors in the 16th century, but only finally caught on in northern Europe in the 19th century. Today they’re one of the ... Read More »

Wine of the Month

Screenshot 2016-06-14 14.39.23

The Palma Superyacht Show 2016 has become a key calendar event for us, so this year we decided to offer a wine and whisky sensory tasting experience at the crew lounge, courtesy of ACREW event organisers. Fully decked out with a bright red barber’s chair, we blindfolded our guests, thus ... Read More »