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Becoming a Stew/Masseuse

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Many people dream of working on superyachts, attracted by the romantic idea of a life at sea, and the lure of being paid to travel to exotic locations. Competition for jobs is stiff – but the good news is, if you’re a massage therapist, beautician or hairdresser, you generally have a ... Read More »

Tante Marie Culinary Academy to offer Assessment in Marine Cookery for Ship’s Cook Certificate of Competency in line with new MCA legislation

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(London) 4 November 2016 Leading UK culinary academy Tante Marie is delighted to announce they are to launch the Assessment in Marine Cookery. A vital component of the Ship’s Cook Certificate of Competency now required for all chefs of specified UK-registered commercial vessels via an in-person evaluation, the assessment will ... Read More »

Kick start to a healthy new year


  After the over indulgence of large Christmas and new year feasts washed down with turron and chocolate truffles, most of us decide its time to eat a healthy diet for a while.   We all know that in order to lead a healthy life we need to eat nutritious, ... Read More »

No 12 Wines


Confused classifications I was recently asked by Acrew to pair one red and white wine for the ‘Captains Dinner’ held at ‘The Boathouse’. It’s never easy to please everyone with only one choice of white or red, so I decided to inject a little fun with my choice. One wine ... Read More »

Deckers – Meet the Team


Each month we are bringing you a member of our team so you have a little insight into who they really are…. Today we are bringing you Katie Walker who is the Operations Coordinator for France, based in Palma HQ.   How old are you? 24   How long have ... Read More »

Cooking and Gastronomy for Superyachts


  Great reception of the course Cooking and Gastronomy for Superyachts by Sirius among gastronomy and nautical professionals   Jordi Roca: “I met highly motivated students keen to learn new techniques”   Jérôme Quilbeuf: “This course is a great idea”   Pere Plangumà: “High level cuisine can be created on ... Read More »



  Delicious American-style muffins have become so popular over the last decade and you now see them proudly displayed everywhere from starbucks to MacDonald’s. Unfortunately, the truth is they tend to be frozen, mass-produced items that are most likely pumped full of preservatives and E-numbers. The fact is, big or ... Read More »

Galley Goddess


Oh, bugger, is it really Christmas again? Here we go, the next four weeks being bombarded by all that bloody Christmas cheer, people proudly wearing absurd Xmas themed jewellery, loud embarrassing jumpers and fecking tinsel. But, isn’t it just a jolly good excuse for a bit of harmless self indulgent ... Read More »

Stew of the month – Rebecca O’Halloran


What did you do before yachting, and how did your yachting career first begin? I worked as a graphic designer in Australia and in the hospitality industry. I moved to London & worked in hospitality & event management, before returning to Australia to study for a Bachelor of Communication and ... Read More »

Awesome Almonds…


The annual almond harvest is almost upon us. Traditionally, the branches of helpless almond trees were beaten with big, long sticks but this method is fast disappearing. It’s hardly surprising, I tried it myself a few years ago and it is unbearably hard, back-breaking work that almost put me off ... Read More »