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Marc Fosh – Chicken Dinners

A simple roast chicken is just about my all-time favourite dish. With just a little love and effort it can also be a true revelation. The first step is to find a free-range chicken. I know they are much more expensive than most of the white, flabby chickens you find …

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Reflexology At Bikini Beach

Reflexology This month my new life and new journey took me down a path I have been wanting to venture for some time and I was able to experience reflexology for the first time. I found it immensely interesting, even fascinating and satisfyingly accurate about my own health issues. The …

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Deep And Crisp And Even

I simply adore the smell of the kitchen at Christmas. It’s heavy with the scent of cloves, cinnamon, ginger, sweet wine, golden syrup, orange peel and off course, chocolate. Its so good it should be bottled and sold. The Christmas period is the perfect time to prepare a few simple …

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Stewardess’ Pick of the Month From RIALTO LIVING

Our favourite lifestyle store in Palma From yawn-inducing morning meetings to watch-list fascism, some on-board practices are certain to cause ‘mal de mer’. And then there are yachting’s pet peeves. Even if you’re on a happy boat and in a great job there are bound to be things that get …

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Stew Of The Month – Monica Jensen

  What did you do before yachting, and how did your yachting career first begin?  I started travelling very young. At Seventeen years I went as an exchange student to Australia after that I worked at Disney in Paris, Switzerland, Selling bikinis on the beach in Guadeloupe. Cruise ships and …

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We All Need A Bit Of Hygge In Our Lives!

According to Danish experts, we all need to make space for a little bit of Hygge in our lives. Hygge – pronounced Hoo-gah; is the Danish concept that emphasises coziness and all manner of things that make you feel good. Having less and enjoying more. Pretty sure that doesn’t include …

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