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Very British Food…

Brexit….. a cereal you eat when you are constipated or a reveller who decides to leave the party early, but first pees all over the furniture and then argues about who shall pay the damage? How should we, on our small island in Spain be preparing for an inevitable and …

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Wellness Essential Oils 

Feeling run down? Want to keep you and your family healthy so that you feel good this winter and make it through winter unscathed? This is how we approached parents in February and invited them all to come together over a cup of herbal tea and some oil infused snacks at …

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When To Throw Away Your Wines

To bin or not to bin? That is the question Andrew Azzopardi, General Manager No12 Fine Wines and Provisions (www.no12wines.com) Last week I received a question on how to tell whether some particular wines on board are still drinkable or should be thrown away. It’s not the first time I’ve …

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Suko Juices

Several years ago Jason Swales embarked on a journey more and more of us are undertaking every year with self realization and increased awareness that life can be so much better when we listen to our body and consume foods that are good for us. After being diagnosed with gluten …

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Marc Fosh – Chicken Dinners

A simple roast chicken is just about my all-time favourite dish. With just a little love and effort it can also be a true revelation. The first step is to find a free-range chicken. I know they are much more expensive than most of the white, flabby chickens you find …

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Reflexology At Bikini Beach

Reflexology This month my new life and new journey took me down a path I have been wanting to venture for some time and I was able to experience reflexology for the first time. I found it immensely interesting, even fascinating and satisfyingly accurate about my own health issues. The …

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