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Interview with Stewardess Lindsey Everingham

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What did you do before yachting, and how did your yachting career begin? I was at university before I went into the yachting industry. I studied a Bachelor of Social Science, majoring in Psychology and Sociology. I then did a postgrad in Entrepreneurship and Business Management (PGDM). After I finished ... Read More »

Seeing Red by Marc Fosh

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SOLLER PRAWNS Every time I wander around the market in Palma, I always find myself literally drooling over the stunningly fresh, locally caught red prawns from Soller. I don’t think it is possible to put anything finer in your mouth. With that intense, wild taste that just explodes when you ... Read More »

Galley Goddess – Clams, the unassuming molluscs

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Clams, the unassuming molluscs…..a palourde to the French, a vongola for the Italians and a almeja here in Spain. The unpretentious bivalve has been hanging around in world oceans for more than 500 million years with an incredible total number of living species at 9.200. But, happy as a clam? ... Read More »

Perfect for summer BBQ season!


Pie in the Sky in Palma Nova (Mallorca) is now know as El Toro Foods and the company is going from strength to strength! In addition to their delicious home made pies, biltong, dried wors & boerewors they now have introduced an exciting range of products specially for your “Braai” ... Read More »

Knowledge is thirsty work!

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Fine Wine Works now have a permanent presence in Mallorca in the form of Tania Kane. After many years traveling the world first as Stewardess and then Cook on yachts, Tania Kane has recently left the lure of the sea and taken her love of wine to the next level, ... Read More »

Sweet indulgence

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Delicious American-style muffins have become so popular over the last decade and you now see them proudly displayed everywhere from starbucks to MacDonald’s. Unfortunately, the truth is they tend to be frozen, mass-produced items that are most likely pumped full of preservatives and E-numbers. The fact is, big or small, ... Read More »

Miss Lollypop

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Carlo Paramidani and his girlfriend Giorgia who live in Mallorca with their two little girls have opened a homemade Popsicle store in Palma Nova, sharing the building with Pie in the Sky . Our popsicles are made with fresh fruit from Mallorca every day by Giorgia and they just add ... Read More »

The sensory kitchen

MF May

For any decent Chef, the starting point of any new dish is always the ingredients. Great chefs will think endlessly about their appearance, aroma, texture and flavour. Only when you understand and respect the essence of an ingredient can you properly come to enhance its flavour through cooking. The uncomfortable ... Read More »

Stewardess’ Pick of the Month from RIALTO LIVING

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-Our favourite lifestyle store in Palma- Wicker and rattan baskets don’t just look lovely, they can store an astonishing array of everyday items making them beautifully essential storage units on super yachts. Moreover, the woven texture and light-airy look bring summer to mind and add flair to any area onboard. ... Read More »