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The management of Port Calanova recently sent out the following letter to all its berth holders.   Former concession-holder of restaurant blocks Calanova’s redevelopment works with illegal occupation of premises   Effectively trespassing since contract expired on 2 January   The Calanova management team would like to inform all our ... Read More »

Getting Underway – April 2017


  These last weeks, again the nautical sector has been accused of being the most important sector responsible for pulling up posidonia meadows. Our position has always been clear: We are not against being regulated, whenever it is based on reliable scientific evidence performed by independent entities, and all the ... Read More »


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We recently took the opportunity to ask Bea Alonso CEO of Evolution Yacht Agents about their new project, the Bonded Warehouse, which we announced in last month’s issue of The Islander. Hi Bea, Can you explain just what a Bonded Warehouse is and what the benefits are to users? A ... Read More »

Big berths and pet hates

Oscar Siches

    A lot has been said and written about superyacht berths and marinas. Let’s approach some of the misunderstandings about them, the ones often discussed at the pub and which arguments get both lubricated and fuelled by a pint or two.   Empty berths and yachts in waiting list. ... Read More »