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Mallorca Yachting Industry News

Atlante – Health & Hygiene

Atlante as always prided itself in becoming experts in a specific field or area before launching a service or taking a product to market and their Health & Hygiene department is no different. For many years, YachtSamples a division of Atlante has taken care of Water, Fuel, Oil & Coolant …

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Lost at Sea

I find myself intrigued by the legal term ‘force majeure’. The Oxford English dictionary defines this French originated term as “unexpected circumstances, such as war, that can be used as an excuse when they prevent somebody from doing something that is written in a contract”. I understand its literal French …

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The Year 2020

What happened in 1991? Terminator 2 was released making the phrase ‘Hasta la vista baby’ famous, Bryan Adam’s song ‘Everything I do’ was number one for 16 weeks, the cost of a Superbowl ad was only $800,000, the SNES was released & the mullet was considered sexy. But that’s not …

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