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Mallorca Lifestyle

Joyron Mallorca

Sick girl laying in bed with teddy bear

  We take this opportunity to introduce you to a new charitable organisation here on the island of Mallorca. Fundacion JoyRon (JoyRon Foundation) has been established by Ronald Hawes and his partner Mary Josephine Rourke to help children in the Baleares who are in need. The desire of this foundation ... Read More »

Sant Elm and Dragonera Island

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Sant Elm is a small resort at the south-west tip of Mallorca. It is named after Sant Elmo, the patron saint of sailors. Today, yachts anchor in the calm waters between the coast and Dragonera Island but there was a remarkable gathering of vessels in the bay in 1229. King’s ... Read More »


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Natura Parc, is located in Santa Eugenia, just a 15min drive from the centre of Palma. Antonio Mas Mir, owned a small plot of land and landscaped the area to keep his collections of wild fowl and farm animals. Both his wife, Benita and Antonio stopped their full time employment ... Read More »

The Olive Tree

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Trees help prevent water pollution “Trees reduce runoff by breaking rainfall thus allowing the water to flow down the trunk and into the earth below the tree. This prevents stomwater from carrying pollutants to the oceans and seas.” GEOHolder was born as a result of a devestating fire in The ... Read More »

Baps & Wraps 1 Year Anniversary


1st Anniversary Seldom has an eating place captured the nautical Industry’s attention like Baps n Wraps. Just one year old last month, it seems as if Baps and Wraps has been here forever ! The owners, Sean and Tim have done an amazing job in attracting the huge following they ... Read More »

Cabrera Island

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There is a small group of islands 10 miles off the south-east coast of Mallorca, the largest of which is Cabrera Island, or Goat Island. The first people lived on the island around 2,000 BC and Greek and Phoenician sailors used it as a useful navigation point between modern day ... Read More »

Restaurant review Basmati

Table Setting Basmati

Basmati in Calle Caro, Santa Catalina, Palma is no ordinary Indian Restaurant. Having been to many fine restaurants Indian and otherwise, during my long publishing career I have never met an owner who is as proud of what he achieves as Shahin Aswan. Watching him on a very busy Friday ... Read More »


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Pre-historic man lived in a walled settlement on Can Bassera Hill, two miles to the west of Alcúdia. The Romans arrived in Mallorca 123 BC and they wanted to use the two large bays on the north-east coast, so they decided to build their capital on the peninsular between them. ... Read More »