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Mallorca Lifestyle

7103 Petit Celler, Mallorca in a bottle

  How often do you think you’ve come across a product that is truly authentic in its entirety? If you take a moment to consider this, it sounds so simple but it can actually be much harder to achieve.  It is very possible that your Italian leather shoes were made …

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The Milestone Series

Mallorca has long been the capital of road biking in Europe.  Where the cycle tourist joins the locals and professionals on the smooth winding roads of the largest of the Balearic Islands.  Past and present riders such as Joan Llaneras from Porreres, Joan Horrach & Vicente Reynés from Deia and …

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Art Wave: live art event and paella tasting 

A fantastic night of art and innovation was held at Daxa Parmar Art Studio & Gallery on 21st November.  Joining two Artists, Icon Zar & Daxa Parmar, where they painted an ocean canvas live. Combining both their unique styles, methods and personalities, the painting was a spontaneous visual conversation between …

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Harvesting at Bodega Son Juliana

A great deal of dedication is required when you need to set your alarm for 5:15 in the morning, especially when this is not part of your normal daily routine. However, it is absolutely necessary to get up this early during the hottest time of the year (the middle of …

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