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Destination Balearic Islands


The Balearic Islands are now considered one of the best boating destinations in the world. This is due to many factors including the colour and quality of its waters, its nautical infrastructure, its light, its Mediterranean climate, its innumerable wonderful coves and beaches, the diversity of its landscapes and Its coastline, as ... Read More »


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High performance toys are the ultimate pleasure for thrill seekers, explorers or people wanting to have fun on the sea. And a fantastic example of this kind of watercraft is the SEABOB. Seabob are constantly growing and adding to there product to always give the client intense fun and a ... Read More »


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The 13th instalment of the ORIS Rallye Clasico, Mallorca’s premier car rally for classic, contemporary and competition cars took place in magnificent weather at the beginning of March over 13 closed road special stages. Some of the best driving roads in Europe exist on the island and again, the event ... Read More »

A bit of a Devil

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You may not recognise his face, but as soon as he opens his mouth you’ll know who he is. Diablo V has been broadcasting on the weekday afternoon 2 – 5pm slot on Radio One Mallorca 93.8FM for three seasons now. He’s a little bit of a devil, hence the ... Read More »


BBQ sauce

FIRE, FOOD, FRIENDSHIP AND A LOT OF FUN!   From prehistoric campfire to modern barbecue – Man has always loved the open fire and cooking meat! There is something deeply ingrained in human nature that makes us love a good barbecue even before the likes of Weber, Broil King (and ... Read More »

Mallorca Cycling

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    Off the road and on the mountain bike With a bit of a splutter and a couple of false starts, my Mallorcan mountain biking career is up & running and it has been one of complete discovery. At Marsh-Mallows, we have created a number of mountain bike excursions ... Read More »

Restaurant Review : Naan


Naan Street Food is a funky eatery located on the northern edge of Santa Catalina, on Calle Caro in Palma de Mallorca. The high tables and chairs attract groups and couples; it has a very adult vibe with an inviting open kitchen where you can see the chefs busily working ... Read More »

Flanigan’s Portals


Flanigan’s is situated towards the end of Puerto Portals; a busy trendy marina in Mallorca’s southwest which was launched in the late 1980s. It’s a lively spot, with lots of restaurants, cafes and bars catering to higher end clientele. In 1987, owner Miguel Arias was tasked with converting the original ... Read More »