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Mallorca Lifestyle

Do you rely on the Sommelier?

It’s time to talk about sommeliers. Firstly, what is a sommelier?  The almighty Wikipedia describes a sommelier as “a trained and knowledgeable wine professional who specialises in all aspects of wine service and wine and food pairing”. The sommelier is now a pivotal part of any high end restaurant and nowadays …

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2021 World Tour Update

The first day of the year is a special one in the world of professional cycling.  It’s the day all fans wait with bated breath to see all those riders who have changed team reveal themselves in their new kits.  It’s a monumental occasion every year but this year, in …

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Loosing it – in the laundry

Hello! And welcome back to the ECO YACHT SLOT – Each month we are will focus on different areas of the interior and look at some options available to help you reduce plastic use and also reduce the amount of chemicals and synthetic fragrances that are building up not only …

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The rebirth of Vermouth

If you are not Spanish but you have visited or lived in Spain for a certain length of time you would have been aware that many Spaniards (including myself) enjoy a glass of vermouth, particularly as a pre-lunch aperitif. What?!  You mean that bottle that was once relegated to the back of …

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Gravel Time

For the last 18 months there has been much discussion among us regarding Gravel Riding.  I was very cynical and felt it was just another ploy from the bike manufacturers to persuade us to buy another bike!  I also felt that Mallorca’s terrain was far better suited to road biking …

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