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21 Day Body Transformation Challenge

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  This month’s 21 day body transformation challenge got off to a rip roaring start. 21 days locked into a programme with your ´before´ body composition statistics. Including weight, body fat, bodily measurements and a photograph. We then give you a nutritional guide to stick to for the duration of ... Read More »

TNS and Pain

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  When anyone chooses to seek out a Physiotherapist, be it for post operative rehabilitation, a sport injury, neurological symptoms or even post natal (the list goes on!) The bottom line is that they are attending the clinic because they are in pain. While there is much importance on the ... Read More »



Having discussed all other forms of contraception, we now consider hormonal choices. This is intended as a summary… to give a flavour of what is available, as the information provided is not “all encompassing”, but merely the highlights! Neither, is the information to be used instead of a consultation with ... Read More »

Get in Shape for the Summer – Top Tips!


Summer beach holidays have to be up there as one of the biggest motivators for wanting to get into shape, or simply living on a Mediterranean island.  If the thought of skimpy summer clothing and swimwear fills you with dread then don’t panic just yet – there’s still time to ... Read More »

It won’t happen to me !!

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Stood at the bottom of the passarelle I asked the young, tanned and immaculately dressed deck hand how their yacht handled a medical emergency. “We are all well trained, fit and healthy. Nothing ever happens on board, it certainly won’t happen to me.” The deck hand’s bright white uniform was ... Read More »

Why Physios use Ultrasound

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  When most people hear the word “Ultrasound” they are likely to think babies or perhaps kidneys? This is exploratory or investigative ultrasound which operates on different pulse widths and frequencies to produce a picture on the screen. Physio´s use therapeutic ultrasound at frequencies of 0.8 to 3.5 Mhz. Ultrasound ... Read More »



  GYM WORKOUTS AND EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES Not only can you book yourself into a fat burning programme on instant arrival in STP, which is easy , convenient and effective with daily, weekly sessions or at your individual discretion but you can also continue the workout programme while you are away ... Read More »



I constantly have clients surprised by their blood results and high cholesterol levels, very often a high stress level is the underlying factor, but here is some more insight:   Cholesterol is a type of fat belonging to the category of steroids that exists in all our cell membranes. It ... Read More »



  Hide tempting foods away from your eyes . Place the chocolate jar or crisps in a hard to get to area or somewhere you don´t go to. If you have to hunt for them or you are not reminded they are there then the chances are you won´t even ... Read More »

Fractured Clavicle AKA Broken Collarbone

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  The Clavicle (or collarbone) is easily recognizable as the slender bone just under the skin extending across the front of your shoulder and upper chest. This bone forms the anterior part of the shoulder girdle. It is not a weight bearing bone but is important for muscle attachment and ... Read More »