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Health & Wellness

Broken Toes

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As we are now approaching the height of the yachting season, I thought we might talk about common injuries while on-board and damaged toes are often high on the list of Yachty Injuries. Broken toes are too frequently left unattended when the crew are busy with owners and guests. While ... Read More »

Why your grandmother’s diet affects you

Family dinner, mother holding platter with roast on it

Have you ever thought to ask your grandmother what she ate for breakfast? We’re all aware that ‘you are what you eat’ but did you know that your health is determined not just by what you eat but what your parents and grandparents ate too? This fascinating line of thinking ... Read More »

New Health Centre

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Julia Langenbach  recently arrived in Mallorca, to teach her methods of relaxation. Her main tool is to work with the body and reaching within mind and soul. Having travelled all over the world, Spending a few years in India. Julia learned her trade from the masters One of the biggest ... Read More »

Body Transformation Program


  If you are here for a few weeks and want a total detox weight loss intensive exercise plan then sign up with us in STP .   What do you need?   Before and after pictures, plug yourself into our nutritional programme and classes…. and maybe even win some ... Read More »

21 Day Body Transformation Challenge

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  This month’s 21 day body transformation challenge got off to a rip roaring start. 21 days locked into a programme with your ´before´ body composition statistics. Including weight, body fat, bodily measurements and a photograph. We then give you a nutritional guide to stick to for the duration of ... Read More »

TNS and Pain

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  When anyone chooses to seek out a Physiotherapist, be it for post operative rehabilitation, a sport injury, neurological symptoms or even post natal (the list goes on!) The bottom line is that they are attending the clinic because they are in pain. While there is much importance on the ... Read More »



Having discussed all other forms of contraception, we now consider hormonal choices. This is intended as a summary… to give a flavour of what is available, as the information provided is not “all encompassing”, but merely the highlights! Neither, is the information to be used instead of a consultation with ... Read More »

Get in Shape for the Summer – Top Tips!


Summer beach holidays have to be up there as one of the biggest motivators for wanting to get into shape, or simply living on a Mediterranean island.  If the thought of skimpy summer clothing and swimwear fills you with dread then don’t panic just yet – there’s still time to ... Read More »