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Health & Wellness

Digestive health


If you struggle with digestive issues you’re not alone. Next to the common cold, digestive problems are the most common reason people seek medical advice.  I have helped a lot of people with gastro-intestinal (GI) problems over the years.   Improving your digestion is a must it is reflected in skin, mental ... Read More »

The Iliopsoas Muscles


The Iliopsoas muscle group comprises of 3 muscles, Iliacus, Psoas Major and Psoas Minor. As you can see from the diagram they have very different attachments at their origins however both Psoas and Iliacus pass from the posterior of the pelvis and lower back region towards the front of the ... Read More »



Anyone that knows me, must appreciate how much I care about preventing medical problems and empowering people to take reasonable action in the event of an issue. This month, I thought I would concentrate on injuries caused by marine wildlife and the appropriate first aid measures.     The best ... Read More »



  I am writing this from onboard a 90 meter super yacht, where I was asked to train the owners for three weeks in their luxury onboard gym. We are cruising around the Greek Islands and I am here to help mitigate waistline damages . Rich foods are in abundant ... Read More »



Having recently attended a mind-blowing (excuse the pun) seminar in London on Alzheimer’s and seeing Dale Bredesen speak, it brought it home how prevention is so important. Early onset can be as early as our 50’s and no one wants to grow old suffering from this dreadful disease that is ... Read More »

What is truely a Healthy Diet?


When it comes to eating “well,” there are some foundational basics I believe will likely never change to any significant degree, at least in our lifetime. This includes the recommendations to avoid processed canned foods and limit your sugar consumption.   One of the “master keys” to healthy eating is ... Read More »

In-water Rescue Equipment & Techniques


How ready are you and your crew to conduct in-water rescues of injured, near-drowning or drowned victims? How often are drills conducted testing on-board equipment & crew ability? This summer Medical Support OffShore (MSOS) teamed up with Ondine Diving´s Superyacht lifeguard team to assess the effectiveness of different types of ... Read More »

The Medial Longitudinal Arch Of The Foot


In the last edition of The Islander we talked about toe injuries often sustained on board. This month we are going to take a look at the medial longitudinal arch and it´s relationship with the Navicular bone of the foot. The Medial Longitudinal Arch is the inner arch of the ... Read More »