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Health & Wellness

What is truely a Healthy Diet?


When it comes to eating “well,” there are some foundational basics I believe will likely never change to any significant degree, at least in our lifetime. This includes the recommendations to avoid processed canned foods and limit your sugar consumption.   One of the “master keys” to healthy eating is ... Read More »

In-water Rescue Equipment & Techniques


How ready are you and your crew to conduct in-water rescues of injured, near-drowning or drowned victims? How often are drills conducted testing on-board equipment & crew ability? This summer Medical Support OffShore (MSOS) teamed up with Ondine Diving´s Superyacht lifeguard team to assess the effectiveness of different types of ... Read More »

The Medial Longitudinal Arch Of The Foot


In the last edition of The Islander we talked about toe injuries often sustained on board. This month we are going to take a look at the medial longitudinal arch and it´s relationship with the Navicular bone of the foot. The Medial Longitudinal Arch is the inner arch of the ... Read More »

How’s your digestion? Be honest!!


Uncomfortable problems such as constipation, wind and diarrhoea are something that we all experience from time to time, yet most of us are too embarrassed to talk about them. In my clinics it is the most fundamental issue I have my clients address. I thought I’d set the record straight ... Read More »

Another Great Reason to Eat Nuts


  It turns out that pistachios have a particularly beneficial effect on good gut bacteria. There is a huge link between athletic and human performance both physical and cognitive with regard to your gut bacteria and overall health. Looking after your gut bacteria could be the number one thing you ... Read More »



    Emergency contraception may be required after unprotected sex or if a contraceptive method failed e.g. a condom has split, or a pill has been missed or vomited etc.   There are two types of emergency contraception:   The emergency contraceptive pill (morning after pill):       there ... Read More »


Screenshot 2016-08-07 17.56.34

Did you now the vegas nerve is the longest nerve in the autoimmune system ? Its role in the body is often underestimated. Its name is derived from the latin ´to wander´as its chief role in the body is to scan every nerve and organ from your brain to your ... Read More »

Broken Toes

Screenshot 2016-08-02 13.04.41

As we are now approaching the height of the yachting season, I thought we might talk about common injuries while on-board and damaged toes are often high on the list of Yachty Injuries. Broken toes are too frequently left unattended when the crew are busy with owners and guests. While ... Read More »

Why your grandmother’s diet affects you

Family dinner, mother holding platter with roast on it

Have you ever thought to ask your grandmother what she ate for breakfast? We’re all aware that ‘you are what you eat’ but did you know that your health is determined not just by what you eat but what your parents and grandparents ate too? This fascinating line of thinking ... Read More »