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Health & Wellness

Katie Handyside – November 2015

We have new outside classes in Club de Mar if your boat happens to be moored there or closeby otherwise we still have daily classes in STP. So if you are in STP or close by please come and join us – the group classes start at 06.30 for the …

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DOCTOR AT SEA : Black dogs and Englishmen

I have just finished reading an interesting novel which included Winston Churchill as a significant character and, perhaps inevitably, included reference to his imaginary black dog that sat on his shoulder when he was depressed. The black dog image probably helped him to rationalise these unpleasant downturns and give them …

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BodyMind Holistics

Christina has been working with complementary natural therapies for over 20 years. Drawing from Eastern and Western systems, Swedish massage, Indian head, Deep tissue, Barefoot Shiatsu, Traditional Thai Yoga, Inversion Therapy, Ball Inversion, Remedial, Trigger Points, Well-Being coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Reprinting, Stress management and Self Development. Christina told …

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DOCTOR AT SEA : Aspirin, the great survivor

It is often said in medical circles that, if aspirin was invented and launched these days, it would not get a product licence! There are so many troublesome side effects from it and some of them, such as a bleeding stomach ulcer, can be life-threatening. Aspirin is an established medication …

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The Fat Loss Struggle

  Once you hit the age of forty everything is slowing down, and for women, it can be even more of a struggle to lose body fat. Suddenly even those of us who used to lose weight overnight are challenged .It seems unfair too that we love food but then …

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