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Health & Wellness

Abs in 3 minutes

Abs in 3 minutes

Try this circuit as many as possible in 3 minutes, on your boat or cabin workout. Goblet squat- Total body extensions 1. Standing with your feet parallel in the start of a squat position, squat down with your elbows between your knees as you stand up come up onto your ... Read More »

Walk of the month August:

      Sa Costera from Mirador de Ses Barques to Cala Tuent       This is an excellent, and stunning linear coastal walk, and can just as easily be approached from either end – from Sóller or from the small bay of Cala Tuent. A delightful bonus to ... Read More »

Tracey Evans Physio

  Tennis Elbow   (Lateral Epicondylitis)             Tennis elbow is a form of tendonitis and you don´t have to go anywhere a tennis court to get it!  Tendons are largely made of collagen which has a very high tensile strength. They connect muscles or muscle group to their ... Read More »

EXERCISE: The 28 day challenge.

  EXERCISE:   The 28 day challenge.       Ok guys – if you are stuck on the boat for a month , give this challenge a whirl.   Do the exercises everyday for a month and then change up your routine to avoid injury.   See how ripped you ... Read More »


                                          Fit or Fat – does size really matter?       “Fit or Fat – does size really matter?” is the theme of the MCA annual health seminar for MCA Approved Doctors planned for November in London. This information came in the recent MCA AD Newsletter ... Read More »

Katie Handyside

  I really enjoyed the recent half ironman in Alcudia, along with over 3,700 participants from all over the world. It was so exciting. There were 700 competitors from Ireland, many from Germany, Scandinavia, the UK and elsewhere. It made it a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. Apparently this is the most ... Read More »

Matt Follows

  MENTAL SELF DEFENCE – Lesson 7: Stress, friend or foe?       Matt Follows       Hypnotherapist & Life Coach       (+34) 663 416 310       mattfollows@mac.com       www.mattjfollows.com       Have you experienced any stress this year?      ... Read More »

Katie Handyside…

  OLIVE OIL AND WHY IT GIVES YOU THE BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK       Along with its healthy heart formula,lowering bad cholesterol, ability to help with weight loss, stabilising energy ,helping us to feel fuller, supports cognitive function and other health benefits on skin, hair and body ... Read More »