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Dear Islander

January 2018 Firstly I would like to wish all our readers, advertisers families and friends a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year for 2018. As I write this in mid December, I am reminded of what a busy and hectic year we have had here at The Islander during 2017, …

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North Dock – STP Shipyard Palma Update

Nothing ever stands still with the eight companies housed in the North Dock Marine Services building at STP Palma. Even during the summer months they were busy upgrading facilities, workshops, inventories and staffing levels so as to be ready for the busy refit season.   This year’s build up has …

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Bobby Cooper

Most of our readers , especially in Palma, will know or will have heard of Bobby Cooper, previously manager of Boatyard Palma, and subsequently Varadero Ibiza and Valencia. Many of you will have read recently about the sad incident where Bobby Cooper and family have lost everything , when their …

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Diving for dummies

 Back in the 1950s and 1960s, a young man called Pepe  Escaño ran a fishing fleet off Spain’s Cantabrian coastline.  It was competitive, tough, and financially unrewarding.  Suddenly news began to travel that Frenchmen Jacques  Cousteau and Émile Gagnan had invented the first open-  circuit self-contained underwater breathing apparatus – …

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There’s a new way to make cruising sails

By North Sails Woven or laminate? That’s the choice for anyone in the market for cruising sails – until now. Chris Beeson finds out how North Sails has blown the debate wide open As with most things in life, choosing new cruising sails involves compromise. You can opt for the …

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Knots are great but be aware of limitations

Marlow Ropes Paul Dyer, technical manager at Marlow Ropes, tests the effects of knots and splices on rope strength. It’s likely anyone who has ever used ropes has learned to tie knots – to create eyes, connect rope to objects or even just for decoration. There’s a knot for every …

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