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Dear Islander….

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I cannot believe I am already writing the final editorial of 2016, just where has this year gone ??!! As I write this in mid-November, just prior to the annual trip to the METS in Amsterdam, we are still blessed with temperatures allowing a swim without turning blue ! We ... Read More »

Marina Spotlight – OneOcean Port Vell


  One of the Mediterranean’s newest marinas has been built for superyachts that don’t yet exist. Barcelona’s OneOcean Port Vell can take a 190 metre megayacht with ease, but even the world’s largest – 180 metre Lürssen Azzam – falls 10 metres short. That’s forward planning for you. But this ... Read More »

Why Asociación Ondine?


Earlier this year I left the safety of a well paid job, got onboard a boat and set sails towards the horizon commencing a magical journey with an unknown final destination. A few months into my travels I unexpectedly received an opportunity to accompany a beautiful yacht headed towards Mallorca. ... Read More »

Dear Islander….

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Dear Islander, With the madness of Monaco now well behind us, our attentions turn to Amsterdam later this month and METS. Just as mad but in a different way! Overall the general feeling of Monaco was moderately encouraging, with some brokers reporting brisk business whilst others were bemoaning the lack ... Read More »

Ondine : Plastic free events


Do you organize events? Corporate, team building, promotional and public events can all assist in the reduction of single use plastic and have a positive impact on our marine environment as well as a very positive corporate image!   Asociacion Ondine is here to help you achieve this as we ... Read More »

400 Miles on the Emergency Tiller.


A trip to the Azores 1000nM away from Gibraltar has been on my bucket list for the last three years. Every yachtsman who has ever been there tells me of the natural beauty of the islands and the friendliness of the islanders,so on the 1st Aug Citadel with a crew ... Read More »

Maserati Masterstroke


In an ideal world I show up at a press junket armed with a fistful of knowledge and an intelligent line of questioning. But with less than 24 hours between Maserati’s ‘come and meet Giovanni Soldini and sail our new Multi70 trimaran’ invitation landing in my inbox and me showing ... Read More »

Simply Delicious


Simply Delicious is unique in Palma being the only Israeli restaurant I am aware of. Ronen, the Israeli owner of this restaurant is a larger than life character and In my opinion, he is the heart and soul of the restaurant, making it all tick & a fun experience. The ... Read More »