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Captains of Ships – Pam Griffin Gardner

Born in 1966 (They think it’s all over. It is now…) it seems rather appropriate that Pam Griffin Gardner’s first taste of the world of work was football related. Born in Liverpool, her father had a sign manufacturing business and would take Pam with him on weekend jobs. Most Saturdays …

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Best Beaches On The French Riviera

The French Riviera is seemingly overflowing with amazing beaches to visit. But to find the crème de la crème, that perfect combination of the most-golden sands, azure seas and a flawless beach restaurant (or two!) takes some looking. Luckily, we have done the hard work for you, rounding up the …

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Stemming The ‘Plastic Tide’…With Bubbles!

‘Turning the tide on plastic’ is an expression that has captured imaginations and evoked emotions across the world, we have been following developments, and have more positive news to share here.   The Great Bubble Barrier, is an idea conceived by three Amsterdam based women, who having spent most of …

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Yacht & Captain: Nigel Seabright

    Captain of Ships – Nigel Seabright Nigel first broke a ‘hundred pound a week’ wage back in the 1980s as a young apprentice electrician. He stuffed the banknotes in his back pocket and excitedly drove his scooter home. “Mum, mum, I earned a hundred pounds” Nigel grinned, before …

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Dear Islander

Last month saw the most successful Palma Superyacht and Boat Show ever, both in terms of the yachts on show and the attendance. The only blot on the landscape was a deluge of rain and hailstones on the final day, but even that failed to dampen the enthusiasm of all …

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El Anadio

  I knew it was time for a break when I began to have nightmares about sanding and painting the boat. I awoke to the realisation that it had been over two months since we had taken any time away. The Captain and I have been on an intense mission …

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