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56th Edition of the Barcelona Boat Show 2017

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The Barcelona Boat Show’s offering is growing, with more boats in both the land-based and floating exhibition areas. The Barcelona International Boat Show is setting sail for its 56th edition, which takes place on 11-15 October in Port Vell, bringing together the biggest range from the sporting and recreational nautical ... Read More »

The Colourful Journey of a Superyacht Captain

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Salt in your face & sea in the air, the Colourful Journey of A Super Yacht Captain! A light rock sways the saloon on this 32 metre Elegance Super yacht ´Harmony´. Captain Nick Scantlebury is on the phone with the local Spanish Port, and Port Adriano inform the Captain that ... Read More »

Diving for dummies

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 Back in the 1950s and 1960s, a young man called Pepe  Escaño ran a fishing fleet off Spain’s Cantabrian coastline.  It was competitive, tough, and financially unrewarding.  Suddenly news began to travel that Frenchmen Jacques  Cousteau and Émile Gagnan had invented the first open-  circuit self-contained underwater breathing apparatus – ... Read More »

Dear Islander,

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Dear Islander, I don’t know about you, but I’d give anything for an Arctic blast and some rain right now ! Summer is certainly in mid flow, and this has been attracting many of the world’s largest and luxurious superyachts to the islands, enjoying their summer cruises. The numbers of ... Read More »

There’s a new way to make cruising sails

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By North Sails Woven or laminate? That’s the choice for anyone in the market for cruising sails – until now. Chris Beeson finds out how North Sails has blown the debate wide open As with most things in life, choosing new cruising sails involves compromise. You can opt for the ... Read More »

Knots are great but be aware of limitations

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 15.57.56

Marlow Ropes Paul Dyer, technical manager at Marlow Ropes, tests the effects of knots and splices on rope strength. It’s likely anyone who has ever used ropes has learned to tie knots – to create eyes, connect rope to objects or even just for decoration. There’s a knot for every ... Read More »

Travel – New England

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  The light disappeared as the bus from Boston trundled its way further north. Shimmers of mirrored light caught my eye as I passed giant lakes and rushing streams. The red glow of closed shop and restaurant signs lit up as we passed through villages and towns. Four hours later ... Read More »

Charter yacht of the month – LA VIE

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La Vie is a new Princess 82 , and is based in Moll Vell marina, Palma. Built in late 2016, La Vie has the feeling of a much larger yacht, with clever use of mirrors, light wood finishes and innovative design. Moll Vell is in an iconic location in Palma, ... Read More »

Nautifest 2017

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Our first Nautifest event took place at The Boathouse Restaurant in Palma from 20th–23rd April, with the main event being the Crew & Superyacht Services Show on Friday 21st April. The show attracted a total of 46 exhibitors, covering most aspects of the crew and Superyacht services industry, and included ... Read More »