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Crew Matters

The rules are very black and white and grey,


  One of the reasons why Invisible Crew is specialised and passionate about the Pocket Superyacht niche is its personal nature. The confined space of a yacht smaller than 100ft dictates that the contact between crew and owner is more amicable and less formal than on larger yachts. One would ... Read More »

PYA announce partnership agreement with Worldchefs (WACS)

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  Exciting news for Superyacht Chefs!!!   The Professional Yachting Association (PYA) has recently signed an agreement with Worldchefs where PYA and WORLDCHEFS will each recognise the other as an Associate Member of their organisations.   PYA and WORLDCHEFS have agreed a recognition reward programme (which includes a programme of training and examinations) that will make it ... Read More »

70:20:10 Rule of Learning and Development


How much learning do we expect our crew to do once they are in a job? According to research, most of it! To ensure that real learning takes place and endures, apply the 70 : 20 : 10 rule. With so much emphasis on courses and qualifications, it’s easy to think that ... Read More »

Announcing ACREW’s Calendar of Events 2016

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In 2016 ACREW wants to engage with every crew member that we can find! To help us do that we are excited to announce our programme of events designed to take professional development to crew, when and where they can access it.     Already we have kicked off the ... Read More »

The Ideal Crew Member


What are we looking for in an ideal recruit? When recruiting a new member of crew, what it is that we are ideally looking for in them? How can you really judge what a person can bring to your boat, and what impact will they have on everyone else? These ... Read More »

Alison Rentoul The Crew Coach


I just wanted to send you a quick reminder that I am now the leadership trainer for the IYS Luxury Hospitality Interior Yacht Management course. This course is ideal for 2nd, Lead, Chief Steward/esses, Interior Managers and Pursers who would like to gain useful skills that will help them manage ... Read More »

The brain drain from the 50ft-100ft niche.

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Great news for Invisible Crew as the market of 50ft to 100ft luxury yachts is on the rise. (60 is the new 50 by the way) Unfortunately it seems to become harder and harder to find those crew that have the knowledge, experience and passion to run this type of yachts. We ... Read More »

Happy New Year from ACREW!

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As ACREW continues to grow,  we have had some changes and new additions to our team which we would like to share with you here! First and foremost we are very pleased to announce that after 2 years at ACREW our trusty colleague Warren Parry is stepping up to  the ... Read More »