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Crew Matters

How To Become A Happy Pocket Superyacht Owner

The reason why Invisible Crew came to existence is because we met several owners who were clearly disillusioned by the realities of their yachting dreams. They had spent a lot of money on realising it. Now that it was real they were confronted with the tedious and downright annoying aspects …

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PYA Update – G.U.E.S.T

G.U.E.S.T Workshop | Royal Hotel | Antibes | June 2017   “It was a fantastic experience. Having over 10 years in hospitality and 7 years onboard yachts, it is great to finally have appreciation and attention to the interior crew. I hope this training will improve future crew member’s work …

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Time – we never have enough!

Time is a unique resource, we all have the same amount, but we cannot store it or save it up. It is easily wasted, and if we do waste some time, we cannot purchase more – at any price. The effectiveness of a leader will often depend on the use …

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The taboo of the marine loo

Marine Toilets are a red line through my yachting career. I get confronted with them time and again. I am an extrovert person and I need to vent about the challenges I meet in my life, such as marine toilets! For some reason, unbeknownst to me, the topic keeps popping …

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The latest from the PYA

The PYA team attended this year’s Palma Yacht Show, thanks to the generous sponsorship kindly bestowed by MYBA. Following the success of previous years, we once again partnered with ACREW and were present in their lounge as the representative of crew in the industry and to help attendees with their …

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What is Invisible Crew up to this summer?

Writing for The Islander Magazine is not only great exposure, the actual writing is a good moment to reflect on how things are going with Invisible Crew. My lean little company is gaining momentum largely thanks to the great crew that I work with, the partnering companies with which we …

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