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Crew Matters


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The PYA was founded 25 years ago by a small group of yacht captains and has grown since into a powerful Association that has earned significant influence with the authorities that govern our industry and set the qualifications required to carry out our professional roles.   As your Association has ... Read More »

The Happy Happy Shakedown !


I am writing this from Gibraltar where we are (once again) stormbound. We are delivering the brand new CNB76 Aenea from La Rochelle to Malta. After a delayed start we went into the washing machine. The swell that remained after the 50kt stormwinds we recorded in port did not make ... Read More »

Managing Diverse Age Ranges aboard


When I stepped ashore the island of Vava’u in Tonga, as a fresh, young diving instructor (too many years ago for comfort), the only place to get a beer after 10pm was the Neiafu Club. Upstairs, off a dusty road, it is fair to say that the decor lacked the ... Read More »

Managing Stress


The most commonly accepted definition of stress is “a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilise” (Richard S Lazarus)   So is stress all bad?! Without our ability to experience stress, human kind would not ... Read More »

ACREW St. Maarten attracts record numbers of Crew!

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  ACREW’s first event in St. Maarten, saw over 250 crew attend 16 professional development workshops on diverse topics medical emergencies at sea to 1920’s Dancing!   CREW Eager to learn   The enthusiastic participation of crew throughout the entire event was inspiring, especially when attending the workshops. The topics ... Read More »

Making dreams come true

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​from now until Sweatember and beyond!​ It’s such an unusual and exciting industry we work and live in. When you work as crew, your non-yachtie friends have no idea what your job entails. Obviously you only post the pictures of the good life on your Facebook and Instagram. That gives ... Read More »



FAQs about the new STCW refresher requirement   Recently we have heard a lot of confusion from crew, asking about the new STCW refresher courses, so we decided to answer all of your questions to clarify the new requirements.   What exactly are the new STCW requirements ? The STCW ... Read More »

Creating the “right” culture.

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What is the “right” culture for your yacht? It won’t be the same everywhere you go. The yacht, the owner, the guests, not to mention the senior crews’ approaches. However, there is no doubt that culture is driven from the top down. So how do you get crew to “buy ... Read More »

PYA Announcement


  IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL SEA-GOING CREW: New arrangements for verification of sea service testimonials for presentation to the MCA     As from 1st January 2017, the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency has introduced new arrangements regarding the verification of Sea Service Testimonials (SSTs) under UK flag jurisdiction.   ... Read More »