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Crew Matters

7 Reasons For Having Your Own Medical Insurance

While superyacht crew are exceptionally good at giving first class service to their guests, they’re also notoriously bad at looking after themselves when it comes to the vital area of medical insurance. Many superyacht crew are simply unaware that they may not be covered by their existing medical insurance policy …

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A Gift For The Galley

As the name suggests, the Luxe SOP System is ideal for managing the workflow of standard operating procedures so naturally when it came to the galley the first thing we thought of was hygiene checklists. This makes it perfect for the galley’s all-important hygiene checklists and we include SOPs for …

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Shine … For 48 Hours

It’s Yachtmaster season and many readers will have either been through Yachtmaster, be planning for Yachtmaster or know that Yachtmaster will play a part in their future career. The Aigua team has been putting together some top tips for you, based on advice we have received directly from examiners. We …

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Managing The Human Element

How often have I spoken to senior crew who hold their head in their hands and say, “I don’t know what more to do, junior crew just expect too much”. With the number of vessels afloat increasing, the demand for crew is often outstripping supply, is it any wonder senior …

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Onboarding Men To The Mental Health Agenda

2012 was a significant year for the UK and not only because of Ben Ainsley’s amazing cache of gold medals at the London Olympics. Something happened in parliament that was quite unprecedented (and no, it wasn’t cross party agreement). The unusual event involved several experienced politicians standing in the House …

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