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Continental drift

Elections in the UK, France and Germany have major implications for the European Project, for economic growth, and for market sentiment. It has become a truism to say that Western markets today are hypersensitive to political events. The UK’s referendum result last year pushed sterling to a 31-year low against …

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A warning from the future.

Now I don’t profess to be an expert on this, in fact let me go further. I do profess to being an ignoramus on the subject of cyber security, and the murky world of the dark web, but it does seem to be evident that an awful lot of people …

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Gibraltar: territorial sea dispute

The legal study of the Strait of Gibraltar and the rights involved is quite complex due the historical background, geo-strategically and political interests of Spain and Crown Colony Gibraltar (CCG)and Morocco . We will leave apart the clash between the principles of self-determination or territorial integrity – by the way, …

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ALBORS GALIANO PORTALES hires partner Miguel Angel Sierra to boost their yachting practice in the Balearic Islands ALBORS GALIANO PORTALES continues to strengthen its practice areas by boosting its yachting practice in response to increased demand in the area, especially in Baleares, where yachting has a big impact both socially …

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Pay-out tailwind?

UK dividends rose sharply in 2016, boosted significantly by the weaker pound and special payments. While politics has thrown up plenty of surprises in recent months, the latest figures from the Dividend Monitor from Capita offer a reminder that leading stock markets have sailed on through relatively unscathed. The report …

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Bargaining chips

As The Islander closed for press it seems that we are a few days away from British PM Theresa May triggering the infamous Article 50, and starting the two year countdown clock that will end with Britain’s exit from the European Union. There is, of course much to be discussed, …

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