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Premier FX – Currency Market Review

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2015 has certainly been a volatile and very busy year in the currency markets. The exchange rate moves have been quite erratic, and this has led to not only good currency buying opportunity, but also the ability to hedge exposure forward at favorable rates. This volatility has basically come about ... Read More »

Coast Law and the Constitutional Court


A couple of months ago we talked about the legal situation of the duration and extension of the berths according the recent past national and Balearic legislation and reforms . Now we have to comment a very recent Court decision that has specified some aspects of the coastal and maritime ... Read More »

Ready for retirement?

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A new UK pensions study reveals a worrying lack of preparation for retirement.   This year’s new ‘pensions freedoms’ have attracted a great deal of interest, but as a nation we remain seriously underprepared for retirement. A recent survey by insurers Aegon UK found that only 7% of the population ... Read More »

Bricks & Mortar


Last month the UK’s ONS (Office for national statistics) reported yet more robust growth in UK house prices 6.1% for the year to September to be precise, with regional variations of course, with London, the South East and Ulster registering the highest increases. Those lucky enough to own property will ... Read More »

You can’t change the wind

Last month saw another flame of Britain’s manufacturing history extinguished as the coking ovens at the Redcar steel plant were switched off, and decommissioned forever. With it were extinguished all hopes of saving the 2,200 jobs and 170 years of steelmaking tradition on Teesside. There has been much hand wringing ... Read More »

The tax considerations of living abroad


While the thought of going abroad to work or retire may be exciting, it is vital that you pay adequate attention to financial planning. The tax consequences of leaving the UK are quite complex, so it’s essential that you seek professional advice. Your residence status will be the main factor ... Read More »


  Vessels and ships as any other tangible asset that owned by and used in the trade or business of a company when affected to economic activity, like charter, are depreciable if their useful life exceeds a tax year. Depreciation methods are restricted to the straight-line or linear method and ... Read More »

Charter and Insurance

  You have a non Spanish flag commercially coded vessel and want to charter it here in the Balearics. You address your local insurance company asking if everything is ok from their part and they say yes. Well, this might not be really the case as the insurance policy alone ... Read More »