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Boat Shows & Exchange Rates


It’s not just the weather on our beautiful island that is starting to warm up, the preparations are well under way in the yachting world for an important event, right in the heart of Mallorca’s buzzing capital: The 33rd Edition of the Palma Boat show, combined with the Palma Super ... Read More »

Hats, canals & creative accounting


  The defining factor of a civilised society is the ability of the strongest to protect the weakest, the fortunate to support the unfortunate and the healthy to look after the sick. It is what separates us from savages, it is the backbone of who we are. All but the ... Read More »

Warning Signs


Guess what, It’s Europe again this month, and apologies in advance, but unless Lehman’s goes bust again It’s difficult to see a bigger or more important issue before the UK’s referendum to exit, or remain a member of the European Union scheduled for the 23rd of June. This might seem ... Read More »

Where should you invest your money and when?


  The modern approach to asset allocation relies on statistical modelling developed over the second half of the 20th century. In particular it relies heavily on the way various asset classes have performed during different economic conditions to attempt to predict the future. It appears to provide a single right ... Read More »

Premier FX : Property Buyers Still Enthusiastic!


  Here at Premier FX we get involved in many areas of business – and pleasure – where our services can help clients achieve some real savings on their international money transfers. Whether it be regular transfers of pensions or savings, occasional sums to top up local bank accounts, or ... Read More »


profits & Taxes

  The introduction of the Common Reporting Standard by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development on 13th February 2014 was designed to improve cross border tax compliance. With that in mind it seems opportune to review the rules for Spanish tax residency and the UK/Spain Double Tax Treaty.   ... Read More »

The Captain Does Not Pay My Invoice


  We all have heard about discussions between suppliers of the yachting by trying to get paid after rendering services to pleasure craft. Normally are the Captain or the owner the ones that dispute with the price and / or the result and try to escape just by paying part ... Read More »

Premier FX – Capricious Currencies


  What has happened to Sterling?  For those watching the GBP/EUR exchange rate over recent months, the display of peaks and troughs shows just how volatile it can be.  As recently as November, we reached an interbank rate of almost €1.43 to £1 and 12 weeks later it was breaking ... Read More »