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What a Year!


  As we approach the end of a very eventful year, especially in terms of popular politics, it might be a good time to reflect on the influences driving currency values at the moment, especially US$, € and £, and how these might play out in the year to come. ... Read More »

The Freelance revolution


Phill McCoffers – Islander January 2017   In the melee of the Trump victory and ongoing Brexit shambles you may have missed an apparently small story that slipped under the radar in October that has greater potential ramifications for the way the 21st century does business than its meagre column ... Read More »

The Spanish cadastral office or catastro


  If you own a property in Spain you have probably heard about the cadastral office or the “catastro” and the cadastral value of your property. But what is exactly the “catastro” and what are its functions? In principle we can say that the cadastral office or the “catastro” is ... Read More »

Welcome to the new democracy


  As you may have noticed, the American people (via the complexity of their electoral college voting system) put shouty reality TV star Donald Trump, into the White House as the 45th President of the United States. Wow. Regardless of whether you like him, or loathe him, see him as ... Read More »

Playing the long game


Short-term thinking and unrealistic expectations are headwinds that risk driving investors’ plans off course. Many investors do not realise how much they need to save or for how long, and will face financial challenges in later life unless they adjust to the new reality of a world of low interest ... Read More »

Marmite, the gift on a plate


  Last month, the harsh realities of the unpredictability in the UK following the vote to leave the EU hit home. Marmite, along with other family favourite brands from the Unilever stable started to disappear from the shelves of Tesco, Britain’s largest supermarket chain. The value of sterling has been ... Read More »

The Great Divide


Britain’s intergenerational divide deepens as young adults look set to be worse off in retirement than their predecessors. The vote to leave Europe perhaps captured the nation’s fractured mindset perfectly. Relatively few young adults voted for something that could ultimately deny them an automatic right to live and work in ... Read More »

Heavy weather

Screenshot 2016-06-07 15.08.13

  Beginning in October, a succession of significant referendums and elections across Europe mean political risk will remain to the fore.   By a quirk of rescheduling, the second of October 2016 has the potential to be a historic day for both Austria and Hungary, 98 years after the formal ... Read More »

Premier FX – The Currency Factor


    One of the most important factors affecting the cost of buying or selling an overseas asset is the exchange rate. This can make a huge difference to the actual price of the asset and is therefore one of the key decisions that a buyer or seller of goods ... Read More »