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Legal & Financial

In Your Hands China

China welcomed in 2019 with a bit of a hangover, and there is a chance that it might just be contagious. The Chinese stock market suffered a 25% drop in value for the year. The world’s second largest economy is still growing however, and faster than almost all major economies, …

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 French Lessons

The French are revolting, and not for the first time obviously. They more or less invented it a couple of centuries ago, and they are at it again, and they do seem to do it better than almost anyone else. Last month many an increasing number of French citizens, donned …

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VAT In The Superyacht Charter Industry

What is meant by ‘Use and enjoyment’ of a yacht? Whenever we read about VAT in the superyacht industry we see the phrase ‘use and enjoyment’, but what exactly does that mean? Since superyachts are movable assets, the EU allows member states to determine what proportion of usage is carried …

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Another Lesson Of Sea Law: Territorial Waters

Humanity has been serving and using the  the sea since ancient times and for different purposes, which have been varying in importance according to technological development and the needs of the specific different  periods of History. It was always a link to trade and communication as well as a source …

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More Up Than Down

Inexperienced investors can start to feel uneasy as bull markets mature – a glance at history should help calm the nerves. According to Woody Allen, 80% of success is just showing up. Investors have felt the force of that argument over the past nine-and-a-half years, as stock markets have clocked …

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Mortgage On Vessels

A mortgage is a real right on a movable or immovable property made liable for the performance of an obligation; that means,  a lien in a property created as a form of security for a loan or payment of a debt and terminated on payment of said loan or debt. …

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