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Leaving It Late

Every month about this time I look at a blank piece of paper, blank computer screen actually, and work out how I’m going to write about Brexit. It’s a huge story as I’m sure you will appreciate. Even if you are not British nor a citizen of the European Union …

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Seafarer’s Social Security

The Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (‘MLC )  obliges  in its Regulation 4.5  regarding the social Security of Seafarers in order to ensure that measures are taken with a view to providing seafarers with access to social security protection in these terms:  “A seafarer has the right to some social security …

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Is Disruption Changing Everything?

Technology is disrupting everything from cars to healthcare, but that does not mean successful brands have lost their emotional power. In a year of rapid political changes, it is all too easy for investors to miss important shifts elsewhere. Among these, few themes have been more important than technology, which …

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The Case For A Midlife MOT

A financial health check in your 40s or 50s could significantly improve your chances of a comfortable retirement. Retirement is increasingly seen as a long journey to look forward to, not, as it once was, a relatively short period of life that spelt the end of the road. Today’s retirees …

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In Your Hands China

China welcomed in 2019 with a bit of a hangover, and there is a chance that it might just be contagious. The Chinese stock market suffered a 25% drop in value for the year. The world’s second largest economy is still growing however, and faster than almost all major economies, …

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 French Lessons

The French are revolting, and not for the first time obviously. They more or less invented it a couple of centuries ago, and they are at it again, and they do seem to do it better than almost anyone else. Last month many an increasing number of French citizens, donned …

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