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Preparing for the 100-year life

Rising longevity is a big challenge facing our society, but one that can be managed with foresight and planning. The German Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, introduced the world’s first state pension in the 1880s. You had to be 70 years old – and the expectation was that you would only …

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Unicorns, messiahs and emperors!

The search for yet another unicorn hit a major snag last month. So severe was the blow that it might just kill off the whole unicorn hunting business, for a while at least. WeWork, needs your money, 50 billion dollars of it to be precise, your chance to buy a …

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Shoot for the moon

I wasn’t quite born when Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon, 50 years ago in July just gone, by the time I was an impressionable young lad the Apollo moon landings had ended, but the excitement was still palpable. All the kids I knew had model rockets, …

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VAT on refits: Do it right to get it back

Refits are part of a yacht’s lifecycle. The costs incurred in restoration and repairs are significant and often include an additional 20 to 22% of VAT, depending on the country where the refits are made. If you are incurring these costs as a business and such costs are entirely linked …

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The currency of trust

Facebook wants your money, actually more accurately, Facebook wants you to want their money, buy giving them your money. We are entering a brave new, and possibly a bit scary world. You may have heard of Bitcoin, you may even understand it which puts you among a select bunch. Its …

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Passenger yachts allowed to charter in Spain

On May 27th, 2019 the General Directorate of Merchant Marine signed Service Instruction number 7/2019 allowing commercial ‘passenger yachts’ (able to accommodate more than 12 guests) be used in Spain for recreational purposes, such as charter activity. This was already announced last May 17th, 2019 in a conference held at …

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