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Pay-out tailwind?

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UK dividends rose sharply in 2016, boosted significantly by the weaker pound and special payments. While politics has thrown up plenty of surprises in recent months, the latest figures from the Dividend Monitor from Capita offer a reminder that leading stock markets have sailed on through relatively unscathed. The report ... Read More »

Bargaining chips


As The Islander closed for press it seems that we are a few days away from British PM Theresa May triggering the infamous Article 50, and starting the two year countdown clock that will end with Britain’s exit from the European Union. There is, of course much to be discussed, ... Read More »

Tax Update


Customs – Temporary admission declaration. Spanish approach The temporary admission procedure laid down in article 250 of the Union Customs Code – Regulation (EU) No 952/2013, which came into force on 1 May 2016, allows non-Union goods intended for re-export to be subject to specific use in the customs territory ... Read More »

Are you ready for Leisure Communism?


  For as long as I can remember, we have been promised that the future is just around the corner. From the Jetsons to Tomorrow’s World I have been perpetually convinced that this time next year we will be wearing foil suits and have dutiful robots scuttling along at heel ... Read More »

New age thinking

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Members of Britain’s ageing workforce increasingly want to carry on beyond the State Pension age – and businesses are taking advantage.   There is a greater number of older people working today than ever. The latest government figures show that some 9.4 million people aged 50 and over are now ... Read More »