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Critical Mass by Phil McCoffers

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Another few lines were written in the obituary of the internal combustion engine last month as Volvo, and France announced their own measures to phase out the engine that changed the World. Volvo, now owned by the Chinese, said that it would have an electric motor in every vehicle that ... Read More »

Spanish Tax Amnesty declared illegal

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The Spanish Constitutional Court has declared last 8th of June, the tax evasion amnesty for undeclared assets or those hidden in tax havens adopted in 2012 by the Spanish Government, as against the highest Law, the Spanish Constitution; it has been declared unconstitutional. According to that procedure of regularisation tax ... Read More »

The Perfect Storm

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The anticipated pressure on pension systems from ageing populations is the financial equivalent of climate change, says the World Economic Forum.   As the dust settles from the general election, amidst many remaining uncertainties one thing is clear: the plan to cut pensioner benefits proved a turning point in Tory ... Read More »

An American (not) in Paris

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Donald Trump did a stupid thing last month…yes really. Actually, he did quite a few stupid things, but the one that stands out was his withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement. The agreement signed in April last year was an historic moment. A rare moment where literally the whole world ... Read More »

New Charter ruling in the Balearics

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Last month the Balearic Government approved the new legislation applicable to the activity of charter of pleasure crafts in the Balearic Islands: the Decree 21/2017, 5th of May that regulates the activity of hiring of vessels and pleasure crafts (“Decreto 21/2017 de 5 de mayo por el que se regula ... Read More »

Turning the tide

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The ebb and flow of many women’s careers makes the challenge of retirement saving even greater. In the last half-century, there have been significant improvements for working women. But according to the World Economic Forum, gender inequality remains stubbornly persistent. In the UK, women are adrift on a number of ... Read More »

Continental drift

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Elections in the UK, France and Germany have major implications for the European Project, for economic growth, and for market sentiment. It has become a truism to say that Western markets today are hypersensitive to political events. The UK’s referendum result last year pushed sterling to a 31-year low against ... Read More »

A warning from the future.

Vector of Business And Security

Now I don’t profess to be an expert on this, in fact let me go further. I do profess to being an ignoramus on the subject of cyber security, and the murky world of the dark web, but it does seem to be evident that an awful lot of people ... Read More »

Gibraltar: territorial sea dispute

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The legal study of the Strait of Gibraltar and the rights involved is quite complex due the historical background, geo-strategically and political interests of Spain and Crown Colony Gibraltar (CCG)and Morocco . We will leave apart the clash between the principles of self-determination or territorial integrity – by the way, ... Read More »