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CARGO Container Bar Opens At The Boat House – Palma

Wow May already!

April seemed to pass by in a blur and Easter seems a distant memory. But we were so lucky with the weather for our Easter Sunday Brunch and everyone had a wonderful time. Even without the Big Joy Ron Fundraiser, (who unfortunately had to pull out due to lack of volunteers this year), we still managed to entertain the children on the day. JoyRon will still be putting smiles on children’s faces though when they distribute all their sponsored eggs and prizes directly to the orphanages around the island. My kids Molly and Max stepped in and hid over 100 eggs and kept everyone happy with activities such as egg & spoon race and egg painting competition. To see all the photos check out our facebook page.

Vision to Reality

Speaking of smiles and happy faces – our fantastic new Cargo Bar is finally open! The reality definitely lives up to our vision and has brought a new vibe and atmosphere to The BoatHouse. Like most projects, it took longer than anticipated, not as simple as we first thought and went over budget but we have learnt a lot and are now well prepared for the next one!! Deb and I had envisaged this since we first opened and spent many a night researching and planning the layout. Apart from wanting to convert a container for the sheer ‘coolness’ and fitting our concept, we also needed it to be able to run more efficiently with storage, independant glass wash area and have a bar we could utilise all year round. We looked at readymade options but, in the end, opted for bringing in the containers and managing the project in house.


After the plans were approved, all the cutting and pre-installation was done off-site and by mid-December the newly painted containers arrived on site but had I known the type of winter we were in for, I would have finished them off in the workshop! Our contractors were real troopers and only stopped work on the rainiest of days but there were of course the inevitable unforeseen delays and as time marched on and the expenses increased, we did regret for a moment not buying a readymade one. But eventually it all came together and started to resemble a bar and as the weather started to ease up we did manage to get a few sunny days to finish and open for Easter.

So big thanks to everyone involved, we couldn’t have done it without the efforts of our talented team….starting off with our architect, Eduardo Garcia from EGA Arquitectura for his plans and support from start to finish; to ex-Katmandu Mike and his guys for the construction and to the very talented Sophie Kneller from Paint Effects for giving our counters and shelves their unique look; to Mike Dellar from YES who fitted the gas rams for the doors and a big shout out to Francoise Coertze from Mr. Smith for his outstanding service and amazing sound system. I can highly recommend them all and if you want to see their work for yourselves, pop down anytime.

And best I not forget to thank our own team Brandon, Sparky and Rico for their handy work and my better half Deb for putting all the finishing touches and having it ship shape for the opening party last month. But I guess my final thanks should go out to Malcom McLean, the founder of shipping containers. His game changing vision not only revolutionized the shipping industry but today sees containers used for so much more than transportation of goods. Emergency hospitals, disaster shelters, schools in third world countries and homes for sustainable off-grid living are but a few of the amazing spaces created from used containers.

So next time you’re packing up for a move, or knocking back a cold one at the Cargo Bar ….take a moment to read up on the fascinating history and reflect back on the radical impact of these humble metal boxes… as they quite literally, changed the world.

Hope to see you soon….




PLEASE CONTACT CRISTINA AT events@theboathouse.es