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Calibre Crew: New Service For Greenies

The entire idea of Calibre Crew started late in 2014 after seeing so many people going home disillusioned after not receiving full time employment. When chatting to these candidates, one thing became very clear – they were not fully prepared for the industry and didn’t have the right tools to really give it a proper chance. And most didn’t even know it!


Initially I decided to try and help one or two people I had met in a crew house. We got chatting, and changed their point of view and motivation behind their efforts, et voila – both guys landed great jobs and are excelling in the industry. The idea grew to a few more candidates the next year, and now, we would like to do it on a permanent basis.


We believe that that all candidates deserve up-to-date information on an ever-changing industry by someone who is in the industry on the front line, with real knowledge of actual products and procedures currently being used. We offer a soft landing to all new crew coming into the industry, a knowledge base and a support structure where you can always feel at home. Start your network with the right people, and grow with them


Reality 123

Reality 123 is a three day course designed to give all candidates a better understanding of the reality industry vs. the fantasy. Upon completion you should better know what to expect and how to behave. This course aims to create Efficient Day Workers. Day 1 and Day 2 will be spent in class, giving guidelines and understanding in:

  • Products on board
  • Procedures and skills
  • Teak treatment
  • Stainless Polishing
  • Wash Downs
  • Paint/Gelcoat Polishing
  • Tools of the trade
  • Appropriate behaviour
  • Anatomy of a wash down
  • Life onboard
  • Hierarchy
  • Boat Etiquette for day workers
  • Self presentation
  • Interview skills
  • Insight to Dock Walking
  • Your CV and the importance


DAY 3 is taken up ON BOARD a yacht in our network where candidates will get to work with other crew, and get the opportunity to put into practise all the things they learned in the first 2 days. This training will be under the watchful eye of a course mentor and/or senior crew members, and will earn you your first reference. Be the top candidate, and the captain may even ask you to come back the next day for a fully paid day’s work. There may even (in some cases) be a permanent position on the boat, so your performance on this day is crucial.


We would love to chat to everyone, and if you’re interested in the course, and would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are taking applications for the first course on March 12 and have offered an opening discount to the first 15 candidates.