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Revised requirements when entering from a non EU country into Europe

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With the changes made to the Customs law on the 1st of May 2016, regulations for boats coming from a non-EU port into Spain (EU) have been revised. All boats coming from a non-EU port, whether EU or non-EU flagged vessels without distinction, will need to arrive directly to a port with a customs office in order to make their declaration of entry.

ie: boats coming from Gibraltar to Mallorca will have to go straight to the main port of Palma or Alcudia. Boats coming from Gib with destination Ibiza will need to go straight into Ibiza port.

These boats cannot stop at anchor in any other destination, for example bay of Portals, Formentera etc… if they have not visited first a Customs office. Passage should be straight from the non-EU port to the first port that has a Customs Office; if you have any doubts about where to go on your passage please let your yacht agent know. Once the process has been completed, the vessel can head to any other port in Spain.

On arrival you will be required to present the customs declaration document Annex 71.1, this can be presented by the Captain or a representative such as your Customs agent. The Mallorca Customs Authority has informed us that if you proceed to a marina that is based inside the customs area, any receipt from the marina or for example fuel service inside port area, will be accepted as “proof of entry” for your temporary admission (18 months) and can be used as a valid document.

The temporary admission duration remains 18 months in EU waters but with the new Customs Code, it is no longer possible to bond the vessel in order to extend these 18 months.   Once the 18 months’ period is completed, the vessel must either pay EU Import VAT or leave EU waters. If any of these requirements are not met, EU VAT will be applicable.

If the vessel has professional crew on board, all crew members must make an IMMIGRATION ENTRY CLEARANCE through the Port Police, full passport check control, even if they are of EU nationality or are staying on the vessel.

For further advice and guidance on this matter as well as any Customs and Immigration enquiries please contact Evolution Yachts on Email: info@evolutionagents.com Tel. (+34) 971 400 200



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