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Brexit & YOU…


Resident on the island?

Want to stay here?

Fed up of people claiming to know what’s happening but not actually knowing?

Well, straight from the horse’s mouth, here is what you need to do to REMAIN here in the Balearics.

On Monday 4th February around a hundred people, (with a hundred more on the waiting list), were invited to attend an event, sponsored by Real Homes, at the OD Portals entitled ‘Brexit and You’.

A panel of government officials from Britain and Spain were flown in to give anyone interested, as much information as possible about what may, may not, and will, (hopefully) happen.

Rosa Maria Canameras, Director, Centre Balears Europa

Ferran Tarradellas, Director EU Commission, Barcelona

Lloyd Milen, British Consul General to Catalunya, Andorra and the Balearic Islands

Paul Clark, Economic and Labour Affairs Attaché, British Embassy

I was sceptical at first, even posting on the Facebook event page, “what can they possibly tell me as nobody in Britain seems to have a clue what is going on?”. However, I am very glad I attended, as in a short two hours a fair amount of information was imparted that, for the first time in six years, and disregarding Brexit (what must now be the most hated word in the English language) explained in simple terms what we need to stay here.

And it’s truly simple:


  • BE ON THE PADRÓN – town hall register
  • GET YOUR RESIDENCY – register with the national police and get your green card or green A4 sheet of paper (certificate) with your NIE on it
  • CHANGE YOUR DRIVING LICENCE – a quick trip to Tráfico, but be prepared to hand over your British driving licence and undergo a medical. Also, you (sometimes) need your Residency paper to do this. (Better to be safe than sorry).

On behalf of all our crew readers I asked the all-important question regarding crew and where they stand in all this mess and mishap, but unfortunately, they didn’t know the specifics. Instead we were steered to www.gov.uk where there is a wealth of information tailored to each of our individual needs, whether we are crew, trading with the UK or simply confused and living here. I have in fact looked myself and the answer wasn’t there so I have emailed the British Consul General directly and will keep you updated.

So where do we stand right now? Should we all manage to agree and leave the EU with a ‘Withdrawal Deal’ it will mean that the status quo will mostly remain until 31st December 2020 with freedom of movement and trade largely unaffected.

It has also been confirmed that the UK state pension will continue to be uprated, both for those of pensionable age and the generations coming behind. Pensioners will also be able to download the S1 form which guarantees free healthcare in EU countries outside of the UK.

For family and friends visiting after the 29th March it has been recommended that they take out comprehensive travel insurance as the EHIC card will no longer be valid.

In the event of a No Deal…. well, I’m not religious, but let’s pray to Poseidon that that never occurs, because if it does, the world will be a very different place, with border controls, visa requirements and the status of a ‘third country’ placed upon us. The EU commissioner described it as a cliff edge situation, and it’s a cliff e do not wish to be stood on the edge of.

Of course we do also have the option to stop all of this in its tracks, meekly apologise and stay in the EU, but I think that is, sadly, a pipe dream.

So, in the meantime, follow the above points and get your PADRÓN, RESIDENCY & SPANISH DRIVING LICENCE!!!!

For crew…watch this space…


By Victoria Pearce

Photo Credit: Viki McLeod – Phoenix Media/VM Photography