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Book Yourself in for a Fitness Overhal

If you are doing a stop over in Palma, Mallorca then perhaps consider having a health, nutrition and fitness overhaul ?

Perhaps you have been working long hours ? Not eating properly and giving into those dips in blood glucose level as a bi-product of being over tired – desperately looking for the quick fix energy and /or comfort eating …. the cookie jar, chocolate, crisps, bread, crackers, ice cream… it’s just too easy when it’s at your finger tips.

How about arriving in Palma and having access to an intensive workout and nutritional plan- starting with a detox- getting rid of that build up of excess body fat.

Follow up with a week or two week fitness regime to get you well on the way to getting back to when you felt great.

Add to this some oxygen therapy to re-energise the ATP in your muscles and have you powering through workouts or any athletic endeavours you may have in the pipeline


  • When we carry excess weight we feel miserable
  • We are always desperate to get back on track
  • We know where we want to be
  • We just struggle to get a foot-hold.
  • Somehow , somewhere along the line we get a bit lost and the ¨Òh what the heck¨ attitude starts taking over.
  • Drinking ,or eating excessively .
  • Eventually it becomes so hard to get back on track again.


  • Its time to take massive action give me a call or send me an email.


  • I operate a large umbrella of health checks including everything from:


  • Fitness assessment
  • Body composition
  • Nutritional plan
  • Detox
  • DNA testing in conjunction with a nutritional and exercise protocol based on your genes. Including nutritional genetic deficiencies
  • Heart rate variability
  • Sleep quality
  • Full health check of hormones, vitamins, minerals, cholesterol etc
  • Free testosterone tests
  • IHHT Interval Hypoxia- hyperoxia training ( similar to altitude training benefits )
  • Papimi treatments
  • Natural anti ageing and athletic performance enhancers and injury treatment
  • Personal training and take away boat plans.


When was the last time you found out exactly what was going on in your body?

Investing in your health is the best investment you can make – to have more energy, feel amazing and perform at your best.


Contact me to find out how to set up a bespoke package to get you better than your best.