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Blaunaval Latest News

Gianneschi Pumps & Blower Center

Since 2013 Blaunaval introduced Gianneschi and as of today, is the biggest stock centre for pumps and spare parts in Europe for this very well-known manufacturer, offering special technical sales assistance to shipyards and superyachts, in order to study and calculate the right solution for the customer application.


Gianneschi develops innovative and technologically advanced products: pumps, water pressure systems, blowers, water heaters, engine pumps, compressors and fire dampers, completely made in-house specifically for sea water. The production is 100% tested before delivered to the customers.

New products:


– BMA-M Self-priming Macerator Grinder Pump.

– Speed Control Fresh Water Pump Group Systems .

– SW Cooling pumps with 24V DC BRUSHLESS motors

– Control Fan-Ventilation Kit + A60 Fire Dampers.

– Customized Stainless Steel Boilers.

– Emergency Diesel Motorpumps with Class Type Approval


Concluding the product range, the company has a complete in-house Gianneschi Service centre for performing pump overhaul/repairs & flow curve Q/H tests.


New Micfil Ultra-Fine Filter

The new Ultra-Fine Micfil filters clean diesel, bio fuel and oils in engines, gearboxes, hydraulics etc. from water and very small particles down to 0.5 micron.

Up to 20 x better filter performance than standard filters

The Micfil ultra-fine enables a much better filter performance than standard fuel filters. It removes particles down to 0.5 micron to prevent damage on injection pumps and nozzles.



Upgrade and improve your fuel filtration:

– Between fuel feed pump and standard fuel turbine filters

– Between fuel bunker and day tank

– After the existing on board centrifuge (Centrifuge 1 Micron filtration retrofit update)


Micfil ultra-fine filters are also suitable for lube oils in all engines, gearboxes and hydraulics.

The filter housings of the Micfil ultra-fine filters are available in saltwater resistant aluminium and in stainless steel. The stainless steel housing complies with the IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) which requires a higher melting point than 925o C of any additionally installed filter on a commercial ship.

The Micfil ultra-fine filters are made of highest quality with cellulose fibres woven within a tear-resistant fibre mesh. This enables a filtration performance down to 0.5 microns and provides a very high filterability of contaminated oils and fuels. The use of Micfil ultra-fine filters extends the life span of any machinery, engine, hydraulic system and improves fuel quality performance



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