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Bikini Beach – Wellness & Fitness Studio launch

Claire Habel, a Positive Psychology Coach, shares some findings from the science of happiness as she talks about how the new Wellness and Fitness studios situated at Bikini Beach boutique and Spa, is sure to help its’ clients boost their wellbeing.

The new venture is situated in the heart of Palma. A city we all love, not least because it is one of the favoured hubs for the yachting industry but also because it’s a fabulous city in which to enjoy the good life and satisfy those pleasure-seeking instincts.

However, as Positive Psychology reveals, whilst pleasure is an important ingredient in happiness, for deeper and more sustained happiness we need more. From satisfying our goals and ambitions, keeping our bodies fit and healthy, through to feeling like we’ve got a sense of meaning in life.

And that’s where the new Wellness and Fitness Studio at Bikini beach comes in. With us you can get support in boosting your fitness and wellbeing, in a way that works for you. Whether slotting a coaching or fitness session in after work, taking part in a weekend workshop or having a personal half-day of full-day package tailored to you, we can make it work for you and your life.

When it comes to fitness goals, our team can really help you stay on track. We know that ‘working out more’ or ‘getting fitter’ is never really the end goal. What people are really driven by is the idea of feeling more confident in their own body, increasing their energy and managing stress.  Working out with others in a supportive environment is a great way to do that.  The endorphins released through exercise trigger positive feelings, often referred to as ‘runners-high’ and studies show that this leads to a more positive, energising outlook on life. Moderate exercise actually increases life quality, resulting in enhanced mood states, self-perceptions and even improved sleep. Put simply, it feels great!

But Bikini beach is about more than just our bodies… In the same way, that we need a number of things to be in place to support our happiness and health, the studio has a range of offerings to help you do that inclusive of Osetopathy, Acupuncture, Reiki, fitness, dance, yoga and meditation, cardio fitness, personal training with nutritional advice, one on one coaching in mindful empowerment and positive psychology, workshops including first aid training, mediyoga, self love embodied feminine flow classes and of course all the massage and beauty THERAPY we already offer. We even have our own resident birth doula offering prenatal classes and one to one birth coaching!

Lucy the owner says “I am so excited about this venture on both a personal and professional level. We’ve got our finger on the pulse when it comes to what people in Palma and around seem to need and we’re excited to deliver it. We still offer our treatments, which are the perfect compliment but now we also enable our clients to get actively involved in leaving here feeling great.”

The philosophy at Bikini Beach’s Wellness and Fitness studios centres around creating a supportive and flexible approach to fitness and wellbeing for its’ clients. The partners, work in a collaborative way and are great at being able to identify which other classes, sessions or treatments might be perfect for you. But the important thing is, there’s no pressure.

You can simply chat to the team and have a package tailor-made for you.  The partners involved have all been hand-picked, not only because of their expertise and experience in their field but also because of their friendly, down-to-earth approach. They are all keen to make wellness more accessible and personalised.

So, instead of feeling daunted by building some new wellbeing boosting activities into your week (like many of us feel about the gym no matter how hard we try), you can instead wake-up, looking forward to some Bikini Beach wellbeing-boosting vibes.

Claire Habel

Claire is our positive psychology coach who works with a range of people from those feeling burnt-out, stressed or just looking for a new career direction through to those at a turning point in life, whether as a result of a move, a change in relationship or even a big birthday on the horizon.  Claire works with her clients mainly through one to one sessions.. For those feeling unsure, it’s worth knowing that coaching is scientifically shown to have a long list of benefits including increasing creativity, problem solving, motivation towards goals and as a result, an increase in happiness and wellbeing. To book an appointment with Claire or any of our wellness professionals all information can be found on our website at www.bikinibeach.co