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Bikini Beach Update

Happy May to you all!

With the recent focus on the world and making it a better place there has been a marked increase in businesses trying to reduce their footprints and their negative effects on the world. At Bikini Beach we like to support those businesses as much as possible. One such business owner who holds regular pop up events at Bikini Beach is Anne from Halo PRELOVED. She told us her thinking behind this fantastic new business.
“Halo Preloved is an online forum created to help make the buying and selling of high quality second-hand children clothes sustainable, affordable and accessible for all”

As a mum of three Anne fully  understands the cost that goes into clothing little ones as well as the frustration we all experience when they outgrow items after one or two uses.

” I would often donate their outgrown clothes to charity or pass on to friends but I also kept a number of quality items that I wanted to sell on resale sites but never seemed to have the time to do so. I have always enjoyed buying second-hand when back in the UK and was always waiting for a quality shop to open up in Mallorca but when it never did I decided to do it myself, and so Halo was born! At Halo Preloved we are passionate about making buying second-hand as easy and as pleasurable as buying from your high street, as well as promoting and growing the idea of sustainability in our everyday life.”

You can find Anne and her Halo PRELOVED regularly at Bikini Beach boutique spa. Email lucy@bikinibeach.co for future dates