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Balk Shipyard – The first AntiRoll installation facility in Europe


A tradition of shipbuilding that spans more than two centuries, the 7th generation now at the helm and Purveyor to the Court of the Netherlands. There are few shipyards that are able to present such a record. Balk Shipyard can. And this is testimony to their tradition in innovation and respect for their roots. A heritage which has driven them to continuously anticipate the requirements of the times and develop effective and agile business strategies. As a result, Balk Shipyard can now call themselves an outstanding, high-quality refit yard.


It is, therefore, not surprising that a certain synergy with DMS Holland has been found and a partnership has been established. With immediate effect, Balk Shipyard is now the first AntiRoll installation facility in Northern Europe.


Screenshot 2017-05-02 19.32.48DMS Holland – Masters in Stabilisation – is renowned for its innovative systems which have added another dimension to stabilization as we know it. Not only whilst cruising but also at zero-speed. Ground-breaking, innovative and ultimate stabilizing technology together with the sophisticated retractable installation make AntiRoll the unparalleled stabilization system for superyachts. Independent test results from MARIN confirm its unprecedented stability performance on all fronts.


Branching-Out by Incorporating

“We reached a decision pretty quickly”, explains Daan Balk, CEO of Balk Shipyard. “These are the sort of innovations our customers are looking for. An ideal preferred supplier. In addition, DMS Holland’s service-focused and no-nonsense attitude is absolutely in line with our approach to business. For us, this opportunity to incorporate installation also represents a valuable chance to branch out.”


Patrick Noor – Director of DMS Holland – speaks along similar lines: “We have always said that the Netherlands is our primary market area. Our DMS-stabilization AntiRoll system does of course have an extensive international appeal but we wanted to start with an installation facility here in the Netherlands first. The high-tech nature of our systems demand a cutting edge partner for installation. In that respect, Balk Shipyard was an easy choice. This shipyard has all the required technical expertise, the logistics and the organizational facilities for a professional installation.




Prince Constantijn : “We need to work together if we want to celebrate success”

Both partners believe in and fully support further harmonious cooperation amongst companies within the Dutch yacht building industry.


Daan Balk:
There is no other country within the yachting industry with such a concentrated amount of specialized yacht builders and suppliers in a radius of approximately 200 kilometers. That has the potential for some serious effectiveness throughout the yachting industry and we, here in the Netherlands, really should be taking advantage of that a lot more.”

Patrick Noor:
“There is also still a real lack of awareness of this unique positioning even amongst Dutch clients. You often see Dutch clients themselves opting for foreign shipyards rather than those closer to home. Initially those shipyards seem to be the cheaper option but that often comes at a cost, at the expense of something. Ultimately it is penny wise, pound foolish. In that respect, I agree completely with the words of Prince Constantijn as Special Envoy for StartupDelta: ”We need to work together if we want to celebrate success.”