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Deckers Palma


Each month we bring you an interview with a member of our team, today you are hearing from Sophie Wardle who is our Operations Supervisor in HQ Palma…   How old are you? 23   How long have you worked for Deckers? Two years in June.   What is your ... Read More »

Artemis wins Antibes port management contract

Screenshot 2017-03-25 23.42.43

The French group is to invest €151m of public funds into the ports of Vauban and Gallice The Artemis Group is to invest €151m of public funds into the French town of Antibes after winning the tender to manage both Vauban and Gallice ports. Artemis was one of five consortiums ... Read More »


_P3A7856-Editar med

We recently took the opportunity to ask Bea Alonso CEO of Evolution Yacht Agents about their new project, the Bonded Warehouse, which we announced in last month’s issue of The Islander. Hi Bea, Can you explain just what a Bonded Warehouse is and what the benefits are to users? A ... Read More »

A bit of a Devil

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You may not recognise his face, but as soon as he opens his mouth you’ll know who he is. Diablo V has been broadcasting on the weekday afternoon 2 – 5pm slot on Radio One Mallorca 93.8FM for three seasons now. He’s a little bit of a devil, hence the ... Read More »

Bargaining chips


As The Islander closed for press it seems that we are a few days away from British PM Theresa May triggering the infamous Article 50, and starting the two year countdown clock that will end with Britain’s exit from the European Union. There is, of course much to be discussed, ... Read More »



BEST WAY TO INCREASE STRENGTH QUICKLY. The 5 x 5 workout. 1.Take 5 multi joint exercises like the squat the deadlift, the bench press / push up , pull up , over head press, walking lunge. Exercise your entire body in 2 sessions per week of heavy training. Perform 5 ... Read More »

Managing Diverse Age Ranges aboard


When I stepped ashore the island of Vava’u in Tonga, as a fresh, young diving instructor (too many years ago for comfort), the only place to get a beer after 10pm was the Neiafu Club. Upstairs, off a dusty road, it is fair to say that the decor lacked the ... Read More »

White Island Classics


For many, Ibiza is known as the clubbing island, for those who seek ground-breaking beats and uplifting tunes to propel them into Armageddon, or something along those lines. For those that are more akin with the Balearic Islands, Ibiza is recognised as the ‘White Island’ blessed with natural beauty that’s ... Read More »

Varnish 101

RS a

The Railstar source control system was not developed by an intern at one of the large marine conglomerates, nor does it reek of high-tech. This was derived over time and many refits in an on-going quest for a pragmatic approach to achieving a greater millage of product delivered via brush ... Read More »