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Atlante – Health & Hygiene

Atlante as always prided itself in becoming experts in a specific field or area before launching a service or taking a product to market and their Health & Hygiene department is no different.

For many years, YachtSamples a division of Atlante has taken care of Water, Fuel, Oil & Coolant sampling & analysis and more recently in January 2019, Peter Firth joined the team. Peter is not only an experienced Chief Engineer aboard both motor and sailing yachts, but he is also a qualified Biochemist & Microbiologist so the decision was made to develop their health & related services and launch the ‘Health Risk Management Certificate’ (HRMC). Supporting Peter are several experienced staff and of course governmental accredited laboratories.

The HRMC allows you to choose all or some the assessments and procedures that you would like included on your certificate, a living document that proves to authorities, port state, owner’s and guests that Duty of Care is being taken seriously. From Air & Water Quality Assessments, Ship Interior Sanitation, Ship Sanitation Control (Exemption) Certificates, Galley Hygiene, through to Covid-19 testing of those on-board, the HRMC centralises and schedules the elected tests, procedures, and assessments.

Ship Sanitation Certificates

The majority of captains are aware of the rules specified in article 39 of the International Health Regulations (2005) issued by the World Health Organization and for many weeks now, Atlante has been busy with Ship Sanitation Certificates as Italy has been requesting them to enter it’s ports and anchorages and last month they were joined by France and Spain and others will likely follow suit.

Please note that if you are planning an international passage between port states, especially heading to France, Italy, or ports within Spain, you should be aware that these certificates require water sampling in order for the authorities to issue them. Microbiological analysis can take more than 10 days for results to be returned so this should be factored into your scheduling.

The Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificates and Ship Sanitation Control Certificates are also part of the comprehensive Health Risk Management Certificate produced by Atlante’s Health & Hygiene division. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for a method of minimising the risk of spreading any disease vectors by the yachting sector, and in this Atlante are leading the way.

For information on any of the Health and Hygiene services offered by Atlante, please contact Peter Firth;  peter@atlantegroup.com or visit www.atlantegroup.com/healthhygiene