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Atalante sets new standards


Screenshot 2015-10-04 18.34.32The first Truly Classic 127 Atalante has been delivered by Claasen Shipyards in the Netherlands to a delighted repeat client. Designer and naval architect André Hoek is equally impressed by this exceptional super yacht: “Atalante’s build quality and design place her among the finest boats in this category and confirms Claasen Shipyards’ position among the yacht building elite.”


Built for an experienced client, Atalante is a successor to a TC90 of the same name. The owner’s brief called for a larger, faster yacht with more comfortable accommodation for both guests and crew, without being so large as to lose intimate contact with the water, and the ability to ‘spin the boat on a sixpence’ when racing.


In addition to the exterior profile and naval architecture, Hoek Design has also been responsible for the interior design. Claasen Shipyards, Hoek Design, Nigel Ingram from MCM and Atalante’s experienced captain/crew James and Kate Prince have incorporated a great deal of know-how into Atalante. “She represents unrivalled value for money, and the craftsmen at Claasen have excelled in terms of the execution of materials, joinery and finishing,” says Andre Hoek. “The same goes for the technical aspects – the systems, the layout of the engine room, the hydraulics, the cabling. Atalante has been built to a truly impressive level of quality.” The classic, but relaxed, soft furnishings were designed and supplied by London-based Hamilton Weston.

Screenshot 2015-10-04 18.34.19

Built to win

With continuous longitudinal framing of high tensile aluminium, Atalante is also very performance-oriented. Particular focus was given to this aspect, as she will compete in the bucket regattas and super yacht cups. Atalante has a deep-draught keel, a thin foil section, carbon rudder and cable-based direct steering, all of which gives great feel and feedback at the wheel. The underwater configuration in conjunction with the carbon mast and rigging, and sporting North 3DI sails should make her a fast boat on the regatta circuit.


“Atalante is a step above anything we’ve produced so far at Claasen,” adds project manager Victor Weerens. “This was achieved by a great team of people, attention to detail, materials selection and top-class production and construction techniques. For example, after an extensive search in the Netherlands and abroad we found the perfect mahogany veneers for the interior. These are the details that make or break a project.”


Future optionsScreenshot 2015-10-04 18.34.26

“We’ve built around 30 boats together with Hoek Design,” adds Jan Hart, owner of Claasen Shipyards. “Many, like Atalante, are part of the Truly Classic series where future owners do not have to make all the decisions required with a fully custom design. Using a proven hull concept and design removes the need for them to micro-manage a thousand small decisions. There is a great deal of interest in the TC127 design, which is a popular size for sailing yachts, as it can easily be sailed with four to five crew.”


Future versions can be produced with sloop or ketch rigs and the keel design can be customised – a lifting keel can be installed or the draught can be reduced. The two guest cabins (forward on Atalante) could also change places with the saloon (amidships). Other options include fitting one wheel in the aft cockpit or, as an alternative, twin wheels just forward of the aft deckhouse. The design and length of the TC127 provide sufficient flexibility for many different layouts, with only the engine room and core of the boat remaining the same. Naturally, the interior styling can be customised, or the exterior changed.


“What sets Claasen apart is our small dedicated team and low overheads,” Jan Hart concludes. “We build the best possible boat in every set of circumstances and the people who worked on Atalante really gave it their all for the owner. The result is fantastic.”


Screenshot 2015-10-04 18.34.39

Claasen Shipyards  |  Kalverringdijk 40  |  Zaandam, 1509 BT  | +31 (0)756 281 904 | Netherlands