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Home > Mallorca Lifestyle > Art Wave: live art event and paella tasting 

Art Wave: live art event and paella tasting 

A fantastic night of art and innovation was held at Daxa Parmar Art Studio & Gallery on 21st November.  Joining two Artists, Icon Zar & Daxa Parmar, where they painted an ocean canvas live. Combining both their unique styles, methods and personalities, the painting was a spontaneous visual conversation between the Artists. Viewers watched as the white canvas was transformed into the deepest colours of the ocean in front of our very eyes.

Both Artists wanted to encourage the people of Mallorca to ‘ride the wave to a plastic free world’ as they supported the Cleanwave Movement, who attended the event, to share their mission to reduce the use of single-use plastic.

The painting once dried will be donated to Cleanwave to auction off at a later date.

Speaking to the artists they said, “We believe art is a very powerful form of communication, as it has the ability to surpass language barriers and allows individuals to connect and unify over visual storytelling.”

The evening was a resounding success and for paella lovers everywhere the aptly named Paella Lover was serving up a taste of his delicious freshly made artisan dish.

For more information about further events and to check out more of Daxa Parmar’s wonderful work head along to the studio at C/ d’Espartero 8, Santa Catalina, 07014, Mallorca.

Who said watching paint dry was dull! 😊