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Antigua Marinas, Marine Services And Related Businesses Ready For The Season

The Antigua Yachting  industry and all its support infrastructure including marinas, marine service businesses, provisioning companies remain fully operational following the passing of the recent hurricanes but Antigua does not operate in a bubble. The region works together to deliver a great experience for all visiting yachtsmen and women. Last week the Antigua and Barbuda Marine Association (ABMA)  hosted a ‘State of the Industry Meeting’ to share and discuss information with its membership and determine Antigua’s readiness for the upcoming season.


The pressure is on Antigua to lead the charge for the region and ensure that all visiting yachts understand that not only Antigua, but the region, is very much open for business and ready to deliver outstanding and unique Caribbean experiences, albeit with the option of changed itineraries for some in the short term. It was agreed that the Antigua Yachting Sector has a duty to promote its sister islands and ensure that brokers, owners and charter guests are kept abreast of the positive steps that are taking place to get the affected destinations open for business while reassuring the industry that Antigua is ready to react to the potential short term increase in business. Because the industry demands and needs  guests to experience the beauty of the entire Caribbean, itinerary suggestions will also include the Southern and Central islands all untouched by the storms and similarly ready to receive those boats whose itineraries usually keep them in the Northern Caribbean.


A large contingent of Antiguan business owners and managers attended Monaco Boat Show  and re-assured attendees that the Antigua Yacht Show is most definitely on. With  60 entries to date this number is expected to grow over the next two months. Commissioner of the National Parks Authority and Antigua Yacht Show board member, Ann-Marie Martin,  commented ‘It is clear that for the upcoming season Antigua will be the gateway to the Caribbean for many boats, both in terms of a base for those who can’t be in the Northern islands as they normally would short-term, but also as a hub for relief efforts being put into place by the charter yacht industry for the islands affected by the storms. The Antigua Yacht Show has appointed Seamercy as its relief agency of choice to co-ordinate its efforts for Barbuda and the next step is to look at co-ordination of aid that will be received from the yachts to Dominica and the other affected islands.’


President of the Antigua and Barbuda Marine Association Franklyn Braithwaite said, ‘Over the remaining weeks prior to season start we will be completing our normal final plans as well as ensuring we are geared up and ready not only  to welcome back the boats who come each year  but those who have been displaced for this season.’





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