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Announcing! ACREW to Host the Official Crew Lounge at Palma Superyacht Show 2016!

Screenshot 2016-04-05 14.16.37

Screenshot 2016-04-05 14.16.45ACREW is looking forward to hosting the official crew lounge in the Palma Superyacht Show for the second year. Following last year’s busy and successful Lounge, ACREW is planning another five days filled with learning opportunities, networking and relaxed socialising.

Over 268 captains and crew took part in more than twenty professional development workshops at the event last year and the ACREW Lounge was constantly buzzing with activity.

This year ACREW will be delivering an even better experience as part of their mission to provide excellence in learning and development for crew.

Programme highlights include workshops from:

  • Medaire: Blood and Breaks. The Basics of Bleeding and Fracture Management
  • Interior Yacht Services: On-trend Dining 2016/17
  • Harlequin and No.12 Fine Wines: Glass and Wine Tasting
  • ACREW Finance Partners United Advisers Marine, International Foreign Exchange (IFX) and Reedman Wealth Management: Making Your Money Work for You

Screenshot 2016-04-05 14.16.37

In the business of listening to crew, ACREW have worked closely with crew from all yacht departments to design a great programme of workshops during Palma Superyacht Show. The full programme will be available shortly and registrations will be opening xxxxx

The Palma Superyacht Show is an event to really look forward to in the yachting calendar. It provides great opportunities to engage with fellow crew over the five days.

Workshop Details

Blood and Breaks: The Basics of Bleeding and Fracture Management

In this introduction to first response onboard, Sara Butler from MedAire will look at how to conduct a primary survey assessment of a casualty onboard based on military field response training. Different types of bleeds will be analysed, and demonstrations of effective treatment using direct pressure, Celox and tourniquet (as a last resort) will feature. The session will also cover SHOCK, what it is and how you can use simple techniques to assist in preventing its onset in a casualty. We will take a look at the different ways someone can sustain a fracture, looking at direct and indirect force and the different ways to treat different types of fracture. The session finishes with a multiple trauma casualty scenario, where participants will look to use the techniques learned in the session to treat the casualties’ multiple injuries, treat for shock and prepare for aeromedical evacuation.

On-trend Dining 2016 Facilitated by Peter Vogel, Interior Yacht ServicesScreenshot 2016-04-05 14.18.04

Chief Stews are responsible for impressing owners and guests with incredible dining experiences.  To provide this, Chief Stews have to be on-trend and up to date in the world of luxury tableware accessories, dining and service. Sometimes this is not easy to do as there are so many elements to a really memorable event and fashions change with the seasons. Peter Vogel and his team will present a journey from canape to coffee that will showcase inspiring ideas from the leading edge of luxury design for 2016/2017.

Screenshot 2016-04-05 14.18.23Harlequin and No.12 Fine Wines: Glass and Wine Tasting

No.12 Fine Wines will take crew through a wine tasting journey, with an exquisite range of wines, including showcasing the best wines from Mallorca. In a ground breaking development in the arena of wine glass design, Jamie from Harlequin will demonstrate how every wine you could ever serve can be served in one of only three glasses. For stews, this is great news as ordering becomes so much easier and talking confidently to guests about the wine and glass is made much simpler.

In an exciting development for the show, Andrew from No.12 Fine Wines is also opening up his cellar two days before the show for stews to visit, sample some great wines and meet the No.12 team.

Make Your Money Work For You: A Finance Check for CrewScreenshot 2016-04-05 14.17.16

Working onboard brings a good wage with few outgoings relative to being ashore. It is an opportunity, if managed correctly, to create a great deal of financial security. Managing this period of wealth means making the most out of it and making it work for you. Our finance partners, UAM, Reedman Wealth Management and International Foreign Exchange (IFX) will deliver a workshop designed to make you aware of the many ways to manage your earnings and assets to secure long time financial security and benefits. From currency exchange to investment plans, bringing assets ashore to seafarers allowances, key information will be presented through real life case studies and scenarios from real crew.