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And then you’re pregnant!

Starting a family on Mallorca as an ‘(ex-)yachtie mom’.

Many families on Mallorca work in the yachting industry and many women are here on their own without their family nearby. They look after themselves and their kids while their husbands (captains, 1st mates, engineers,..) are away for several months a year.

Many of these women used to work on yachts together with their other halves. I have met quite a few who left the yacht not before becoming pregnant.

Suddenly they are in a country where they don’t speak the language (very well), their husband is still working on yachts and they are pregnant for the first time.

Usually the husband wants to keep on working as long as possible so he has more time with his new family once the baby has arrived. Because babies come when they come it’s very hard to plan for the fathers to be present at the birth.

More than once a father-to-be had to jump on a plane to just (not) make it on time.

Being pregnant and having a baby is very different in every country and if you don’t speak Spanish it can add to the challenge and create lots of stress.

Having emotional, physical and logistical support from a birth professional will help you with this new stage of life.

My services as a Birth Coach will help you prepare for birth and motherhood, I explain upcoming moms all the different option there are available on Mallorca. It empowers them to make conscious and informed choices about their pregnancy and birth.

I offer private and group prenatal classes, birth Doula services and postnatal care as well as breastfeeding support.

Every first Friday of the month I offer a donation based ‘Pregnancy Circle’ where you can meet other pregnant ladies and get informed about your pregnancy. I used to travel the world and worked as a Stew/Cook on yachts together with my husband.  After having my daughter here on the island I decided to become a birth professional myself.

Now I am a certified Doula. I felt the need for more support during this emotional and life changing experience and believe every young family deserves this.


My name is An Bleu and I am honoured to guide families to a conscious and empowered start of their journey into parenthood.



*Active prenatal classes,every wednsday at BIC Sant Agusti Campus

*Pregnancy Circle, every first Friday of the months at The Bikini Beach Boutique and Spa in  Palma, Paseo Mallorca 10


*For more info and private sessions please contactan@thebirthcoach.euand check out my sitewww.thebirthcoach.eu