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Alano Mallorca: International Recovery Support Centre

Alano Mallorca OfficesAlano Mallorca Courtyard



The founder of the organisation had travelled continuously for the past 32 years, visiting rehabilitation centres, 12 step conventions and support groups in all areas of the globe.

With the wealth of experience gained on his travels he decided to settle in Mallorca and start-up an incredible service to the community in the form of Alano Mallorca.


The Manager was selected by the founder to help build and drive the concept forward, this was due to his personal life experience surrounding substance abuse, as follows;

“From a young age I threw myself into a lifestyle filled with Alcohol and Narcotics. During the 17 years that proceeded, I built a career as a chef, working in restaurants and on board super yachts. Don´t get me wrong I had some amazing times, but I found it very difficult as time went on to not consume alcohol and drugs in clearly inappropriate situations.

The consequences of my ever-increasing insane behaviour became more and more severe.

I would lose or walk away from incredible job opportunities. My health, finances and relationships suffered greatly. My consumption forever increased. Where alcohol was involved, blackouts became more frequent. Most of the time I woke up to a sense of confusion and trying to piece together where I had been, and who I needed to apologise too. I rarely had one or two and went home, regardless of my responsibilities to people and work.

Although aware of the problem I found it extremely difficult to successfully stop this destructive way of life. I was trapped in a vicious cycle.

Gratefully I found a solution through support groups, talking to others who have been through a similar experience. The fear that life would become boring and small without Alcohol and Narcotics was proven wrong, my world got bigger and my obsession to constantly get intoxicated disappeared. I´m very grateful and content with my life today, and I´m one example that change is possible, a day at a time”


The Concept

Alano Mallorca is a Non-Profit organisation, the aim is to assist those who have a desire to stop drinking, using drugs, or acting on behaviours which are having a negative impact on their lives and others. Not looking to profit from the community, operations at Alano Mallorca are 100% directed at the person who is suffering or in need of support, therefore the use of the facilities are via voluntary donation and we are open 7 days a week between 10am and 10pm


Although we are not a treatment centre and we do not offer inpatient stays or detox facilities, we do, however, provide a safe and non-judgmental environment in which the individual can find information, support and assistance.


We understand that such problems are hard to deal with on your own, but with a network of support it is possible to handle even the most sensitive of issues. Talking and sharing with others who have similar life experiences can help to provide clarity and comfort. Hearing from those who have managed to find a new way of living can inspire hope and courage.


12 step meetings run daily, and these have proven to help millions around the world find a solution. They require no membership fee or dues nor do they record any personal details.


Addiction doesn´t discriminate, and can be present in the lives of all, regardless of, career, race, beliefs or non-beliefs, sex, how much money you have in the bank or what car you drive. The list goes on.


Everyone who walks through our doors will be granted full confidentiality and anonymity and will never be asked to disclose any information about themselves they do not wish. Nothing will ever be recorded or held on any database. We ask all who visit to respect the privacy of others.


Facilities and Activities

Our facility provides a comfortable and sober environment to sit and relax away from the busy world. We have an extensive selection of literature, a private courtyard and a comfortable seating area of sofas. A full entertainment system for social and educational activities.


We provide new lifestyle choices and activities to aid the process, therefore we run a variety of workshops lead by professionals who give their time freely. These include life coaching, meditation, yoga and fitness classes, to name a few.


To cater for a healthier lifestyle, the Café offers a selection of fresh juices and smoothies, as well as tea and coffee. Our onsite chef will have a small and reasonably priced daily menu, offering fresh and wholesome food that will leave you feeling revitalised.




“I feel like I can get the support I need any time of day to help me maintain and clean and sober life”


“When I came in I wasn´t sure what the right thing for me was. But upon entering I felt a sense of belonging straight away. I´m now on a positive tangent”


“Alano is a safe-haven to me, a place of sobriety and like-minded people, inspiring, active, non-judgemental, reflective and peaceful.

There are lots of books to read, good conversations, a great space for meetings, workshops and fitness sessions”



Alano Mallorca

“International Recovery Support Centre”


Contact: info@alanomallorca.com

+34 66 999 6975

+34 871 032 689

Plaça del Progrés, 11b,

07013 Palma de Mallorca

Illes Balears, Spain


Open Daily. 10am to 10pm