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Aigua Sea School sets sail in a new direction

One voyage comes to an end … another begins!

The journey that began 14 years ago is now charting a new course. Aigua Sea School is closing, but exciting new opportunities are opening up. I’m really proud of everything the amazing Aigua Sea School team has achieved.

The evidence is there for all to see online – 80 five star reviews on Google; more than 100 on Facebook. I’ll always appreciate the countless e-mails we received over the years from clients providing great feedback on their personal experience under our care.

We’re proud of the additional services we provided and the initiatives we introduced, to continually improve how we served the yachting community.

At Aigua we always focused first and foremost on safety and customer experience, as shown by our 100% safety record and excellent customer feedback. Our training team was developed in such a way as to nurture and care for the students who chose us for their courses.

We developed the idea of free classes so Yachtmaster candidates would have the very best start to their official training and we included a free practical training day as part of an Ocean Study class.

We also invested in our own yachts to ensure not only full compliance with Spanish law, but also to guarantee the vessels provided everything an enthusiastic young sailor or seasoned professional could need.

Aigua was at the forefront in developing the best systems to assist people with learning difficulties and was a leader in the promotion of awareness of mental health within the local yachting community.

At Aigua we also invested in an unrivalled office and school space to provide the highest quality of training environment for students, meeting all local and EU guidelines for space, facilities and disability access. Thanks.

We appreciate many people will be disappointed we will no longer be supporting novice and more experienced sailors to learn or master the skills of the sea.

As our news has become known in the Palma yachting community, we’ve been inundated with thanks and good wishes. It’s been so humbling to receive such an outpouring of goodwill – thank you all!

We are grateful to John Davies, the owner of Palma Sea School, who is supporting our transition. Palma Sea School’s team and resources are ensuring our students are fully looked after. Aigua instructors that our clients have grown to know, trust and respect will now be running many of the courses at Palma Sea School.

Running a sea school is tough. You must be prepared to live and breathe it, as I have for 14 years.

I’ve given the school so much energy, time and love. I’m proud of everything achieved by Aigua – the team we built, the care and professional attention we provided to our students and the accomplished sailors we have developed.

But now is the time for new adventures. I’m delighted to announce I’ll be staying within the yachting industry in Palma that I have so loved being part of and launching an exciting new venture.

I can’t reveal everything just yet, but let’s just say it will be something new, unique and essential for Palma’s yachting community.

Our vision is to create a centre meeting the wants and needs of this community. From showcase to shared desks, CVs to career paths, Professional Yachting Association and Maritime and Coastguard Agency events and management, it will be a hub for the community – a place where yachting people will come together and belong.

I’ll be able to reveal more soon. As they say, watch this space …

In the meantime, do keep in touch. If you want to find out more about our plans, please drop me a line to linda@aiguaseaschool.com – I’ll give you the inside track!

All aboard for the next sailing!

Linda Revill

Photo Credit: Justin Chisholm