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Aigua Sea School News

At Aigua Sea School we believe in evolving to reflect how our students, and the industry, are evolving around us. It has been our aim for some time to develop the highest quality onshore learning environment to match the renowned calibre of instruction, customer service, and off-shore facilities we have worked hard to establish.

We are continually taking initiatives to improve our students experience, looking for ways to increase learning opportunities, taking time to understand the latest developments in classroom technology and how students appreciate methods of learning depending on their individual needs.

Taking all the above into consideration Aigua Sea School is moving into a new phase of development. After evaluating our current premises, we concluded that we would all benefit from a bigger space, to expand our classrooms, our storage facilities, develop a marine radio assessment zone and to provide a more open and spacious reception and desk area.

We found our new space last spring and because it’s, well, a little bit different, we had to do lots of checking, visits to Palma’s Town Hall for example, to ensure that permissions could be secured to run Aigua Sea School with all relevant activity licences and adhering to all legislation. When we were standing in a cavernous space with 4m high matt black walls, no electricity, and over 300sqm over two floors that hadn’t been used in over seven years, there was so much potential that, within our team, our code word was ‘the wow factor’.

It hasn’t been easy but wow, have we learnt a lot. It took three months to persuade Endesa to switch us back on the grid! Slowly, and steadily, putting a professional team together with a dedicated project manager, creating plans, and researching materials. We have created a space that provides a fresh and open working environment for the Aigua office team (complete with fully equipped staff room) and, for our students, spacious, well ventilated classrooms where we have considered every detail from fresh air conditioning system to anti-glare lighting and environmentally sustainable sound absorption system; two bathrooms (one with complete disability access), a recycling area and a dedicated marine radio training and examination area … all of this with consideration to sustainable materials to maintain an environmentally friendly training centre. Even the drinking water we provide is in association with the government supported Cleanwave organisation.

We are excited to move in. We are looking forward to showing you what we can offer for your training experience but also what we can offer above and beyond that. Our classrooms are available as ‘open rentable spaces’, for example as conference rooms, a meeting centre or a race crew briefing area. The opportunity to run more seminars and workshops has increased and we have an impressive itinerary launching soon.

With this amount of space available you will find a pleasant surprise as you enter through our doors. An artist studio and gallery is part of our new office area. The artist, Daxa Parmar will work in an open space and provide the influence of peace and mindfulness throughout the school environment. With 4m high gallery walls, the artwork will be available for all to enjoy.

We have created a map to help you find us: a huge thanks to illustrator Diane Hutton-Powell for her extraordinary talent and time she has given to our project. If you know our current office, walk towards the church, then diagonally across the church park to the main road, and you’ll find us on C/Espartero, (the main road between Placa Progresso and Placa Puente ) next to The Rigging Point.  We will be focusing more on our Aigua Plus card initiative when we get settled too, and you’ll see some of our Aigua Plus card associates already mentioned on the map.

This issue of the Mediterranean’s favourite nautical magazine is available throughout the Palma Boat Show where the great and good of the boating world will descend on Palma for a terrific show. We will be moving in during the opening weekend and our space will be available to view so please ensure you pop in to say hello, enjoy a complimentary celebratory ‘happy new home’ glass of bubbly with us, have a good look round and discuss your plans with us before you leave. There is always a warm welcome at Aigua Sea School.


Carrer Espartero 8, 07014 Palma


Tel +34 871 230 373