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A month has passed since the last autonomous elections, and even more since the national ones. The sector has not still a definite representative for the next four years’ term. Neither here not at a national level in Madrid. Other tourist sectors of competitive countries like Turkey, Egypt, or Tunisia have again the strength they lost a few years ago; and at a slower pace, their leisure yachting sector is also recovering. In fact, not so long ago, we read an article in El País written by Miguel Ángel Serra, who is an associate of Albors Galiano Portales’ office and tax advisor of the Spanish Association of Nautical Companies (ANEN). He assured that the yachts that arrive to Europe from the Caribbean pass through Spain. Balearic are in a privileged position, and they could benefit from this traffic.

Our industry and the public administration have some unfulfilled plans that must be settled before this term ends. In Balearic, it is necessary to start a serious plan of dry marinas to supply the owner’s demands. We also have to remember that there is a huge problem with abandoned boats in ports that will not stop growing. They are very expensive to repair and they end in any waste ground. We urgently need a plan and facilities devoted to boats’ recycling.

The fight against pirate charters should also be a priority of the new Government. The current registration system of boats should be improved and the agents should possess practical and efficient tools to easily penalize offenders. Our waters’ quality is also a crucial issue and we believe that the new people responsible of the Environment (the Government and the Council, depending on the power) should stop avoiding the issue and start to update sewage treatment plants and their pipes.

We know that the Government in general supports the yacht sector. The problem we are facing is that the improvements that are being done are going very slow, and they could damage the sector’s growth. In AENIB we will keep working to achieve a complete tax and legislative harmony with the countries that surround us, so that nobody is forced to go past our islands because we have high taxes or other absurd laws.

Registration boats grow a 6% in the first semester

Balearic Islands lead the nautical and charter markets. The nautical market has registered 3,489 new leisure registration boats between the months of January and June from 2019. Those are 203 more than in the same period last year. This  data has been collected in the leisure boats market report (January-July 2019), edited by ANEN from data provided by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine. The report highlights the growth of sailboats registrations, which has increased a 40,5% in this period. The Balearic Islands are leading the nautical and charter markets.

The APB will grant Ocibar the management of the Botafoc moorings in the Port of Ibiza
The Governing Body of the Port Authority of Balearic (APB) has passed in the meeting that was celebrated today, to propose to the company Ocibar to manage the moorings and shops in the Botafoc Marina, in the  port of Ibiza for a period of two years, extendable to one more year.

News In Brief

Carlos Sanlorenzo named vice president of the EBI (European Boating Industry)
Within EBI’s General Assembly, from which ANEN are members. It was celebrated on the 3rd of June, 2019 in Splitz (Croatia). The new Board was chosen, and it will act as Governing Body of the European Association during the next two years. Carlos Sanlorenzo (ANEN – Spain), Robert Marx (BVWW – Germany), Jean-Pierre Goudant (FIN – France), Piotr Jasionowski (POLBOAT – Poland) and Piero Formenti (UCINA – Italy) were chosen again as members of the new Board. Jean-Pierre Goudant was named president unanimously, and all his efforts to strengthen the association were recognized. Likewise, Carlos Sanlorenzo and Piotr Jasionowski were named EBI’s vice presidents. Carlos Sanlorenzo will work as treasurer of the European Boating Industry.


The Club de Mar’s constructions that will open the port to the city, will start in autumn
Next autumn the refurbishing and modernization constructions of Palma’s Club de Mar will start. This means that the port will become more open to the city. This Tuesday the club informed that the company FCC Construcción and the Majorcan Society Vías de Obras Públicas (VOPSA) will execute the remodelling project, which has the approval of the Port Authority of Balearic (APB) and Puertos del Estado. The president of the Club de Mar, Borja de la Rosa, assured that by choosing FCC Construcción and VOPSA, two solvent and prestigious companies, guarantees the development of  refurbishing whose aim is to turn our club in the most modern and sustainable leisure port of the Mediterranean. It is expected that the constructions will end in 2022.