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Adding Charter & Sales Value

With so many yachts listed for charter and sale, what makes them stand out? Is it overall size, deck layouts, the chef or captain, swimming pools and spas? Increasing we are finding that it is the tenders and toys package. This is in part due to clients becoming more aware of the options for different tenders and that it no longer needs to be just a 5m Zodiac running them ashore, but it also comes down to more active lifestyles and an increased appreciation for the time spent on board a superyacht maximising fun and enjoying being on, in or above the water on tenders and toys!


Superyacht Tenders and Toys (SYTT) are a trusted partner of Burgess, YCO, Hill Robinson, Imperial, Ocean Independence and other management companies as they appreciate the value in outfitting yachts with the best packages that enable clients to most enjoy their time afloat. Having the right toys setup also assists with the sale of the vessel, a notable vessel recently sold that was fully outfitted by Superyacht Tenders and Toys is MY Ulysses which was the largest sale of 2017. On this project SYTT agreed the tenders and toy package from concept at the right budget to ensure that the vessel was desirable by new the owners but without going crazy with custom carbon builds such as limousine tenders as these are something very personal and are often purchased by owners themselves. In this case, large tenders capable of long distance cruising as well as amphibious craft and watersports tenders meant that there was a perfect tender for every task (one of the joys of working with the larger explorer boats that have space for multiple tenders and do not need to compromise on having just one or two boats to do all roles such as beach landing, limousine, watersports and towables). Superyacht Tenders and Toys will take into account the intended use of the yacht – whether it is to be chartered, sold or used privately- and suggest tenders and toys that will add to the value of the yacht or the value of the owner’s or charterer’s time onboard.



Many of the most successful new charter yachts such as MY Cloudbreak, MY 11.11 and others have been outfitted with toys by Superyacht Tenders and Toys during the build specifically with charter in mind. These yachts appreciate that the moments guests love are when they are interacting with the water, learning a new skill and creating lasting memories with friends and family. Whether this is having their first Flyboard lesson, a secluded trip to a cove in a kayak, an 80mp/h blast on a jetski, Scuba-diving or swimming safely with the children. All of these boats had an agreed budget and SYTT worked to the GA designing storage space and recommending the right package for their needs, based off real experience of what gets used the most. This ensures that the right equipment, quantities, ratios and sizes are provided avoiding situations where boats have a lot of idle, unused equipment.




There are a number of classic toys required for charter which are the minimum to be expected on a charter yacht. These are listed on the charter literature and include items such as jetskis, Seabobs and towables. Increasingly, one of the most popular items requested for charters are yacht slides alongside other inflatables such as climbing walls and Blobs. SYTT stock adjustable slides ranging from 4-9m high as this is without doubt the most regularly asked for last-minute charter request. Inflatables design and manufacture has come a long way in the last 10 years with new materials in use meaning that these items are better value, lighter and more manageable than previously. This has made them easier to store, rig, recover and use than ever before. The introduction of Rapid Flate valves means they are faster to pump air into and there is less time taken by crew setting these up. Other items often listed by boats are some or all of the wind sports including kitesurf equipment, windsurfers or a Tiwal or Laser dinghy if space allows. Quick-fix watersports such as electric surfboards, Jetsurfs and electric bikes like the GoCycle are always popular items.


Many toys and tenders are available for rental as well as purchase which is great if you have a one-off charter requiring something specific. SYTT has over 30 rental tenders in the Med ranging from small 5m RIBS to 16m luxury chase boats with cabins. Adding a chase boat can add a huge dimension to any guest trip, giving them a more luxurious trip ashore or greater range in possible destinations to explore.


In a crowded marketplace having some toys to make your yacht stand out from others really helps. Despite the relatively low value of the toys themselves the value that they add when marketing the yacht is high. Tenders and toys create the lifestyle imagery and photo shoots required to advertise the yacht in the best possible way enabling people to imagine themselves onboard.


Whether you are after a wakeboard, a slide, inflatables, Seabobs or more SYTT is ideally placed to offer the best value packages in the industry together with superb after-sales support.


By Josh Richardson – Superyacht Tenders & Toys